All in new era


@uncannysfvalley: Queen of the phone collage and valley girl in a serious relationship with her phone slash boyfriend, “Big Sexy”. Is she this generation’s Lisa Frank?

View From A Window

@view.from.a.window is just what it sounds like: a candid camera capturing select scenes from a window (above an unknown street, in an unknown city, by an unknown person). I’m just sayin’….I’d think twice about ever picking my nose (or anything else) in public again.


@_antoinettelove_: A Parisian girl with a passion for pop culture. As a self-taught, self-proclaimed photoshop fiend, she inserts herself into ads and tabloids in the most delightful way.

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is not your mother’s cannabis brand. But it could be and maybe it should be. Their aesthetic is hip, their packaging is refined, and their flowers are potent. Pull up a chair. Puff, puff, pass.


Whether you’re in the market for a mini, house-shaped jewelry box, a ganja leaf toilet seat or 17,523 movies (world’s largest collection!) @eBaybae will find it for you.