All in new era


SENSERGY, is a collective created by Creative Director and student, Clodie Worboys,  as part of her Final Major Project at London College of Fashion (Creative Direction For Fashion.) The collective is a dialog informed by the ‘hybrid-reality.’


Aged of only 17 years old and still in high school, Caroline Helsen is a model and a stylist for Barbies as well. She discusses about her interesting passion which consist to reproduce designer outfits for dolls. 


Meet Ipsa, currently an undergraduate Graphic Design student, she practices both digital design and fashion recycling. She tells us today why she prefers the real instead of the virtual even if she always takes pleasure to make collage which reflects her mood and personal style.


@uncannysfvalley: Queen of the phone collage and valley girl in a serious relationship with her phone slash boyfriend, “Big Sexy”. Is she this generation’s Lisa Frank?

View From A Window

@view.from.a.window is just what it sounds like: a candid camera capturing select scenes from a window (above an unknown street, in an unknown city, by an unknown person). I’m just sayin’….I’d think twice about ever picking my nose (or anything else) in public again.