Eddy De Pretto

The profound and notable French musician Eddy de Pretto unveils his long-term compassion for the arts, realising his talent when he first managed to sing "I believe I can fly".

Wanda Nylon Fall 2017

When you look at Wanda Nylon's new collection, you can't really see a strong consistency at first glance - there is a girl in a bright yellow fluffy coat with silver buttons, and there is this model wearing an obtrusive head-to-toe cow print look - even their hair styles are noticeably distinct from each other.

Coco Kate

Coco Kate oozes sophistication and a rebellious awe through her no-nonsense attitude. Describing herself as Poland's finest stylist on her Instagram page, Kate most certainly is set to be the next big thing in fashion.


Liya is a beautiful, affectionate and very thoughtful, almost insightful young girl. Funky glasses and a rosy glow aren't the only attractive attributes about Liya, she also possess' an interest for art, displayed thoroughly on her social media.