Olive Parker

Studying in London has been the best part of Olive's life, thoroughly exceeding expectations. According to Olive, creating an unforgettable movie is to stay far away from normality.

Charlie Barker

Peaches, oranges against black and blue, Charlie is somewhat a contrasting master, as she makes clashing colours look sophisticated and timeless, her fashion sense is nothing but experimental.

Melisa Mimic

There are so many dimensions to love, or at least that's what Melissa truly believes. Australian-born beauty loves her hometown because it allows her to meet creative, passionate, like-minded people, while boasting impeccable scenery.

Catherine Gonzalez

Cat's Instagram is enhanced with arty poses and some of her posts even make the simplest things in life look extravagant. Her persona matches as she mentions her admirable sense of humour and dancing to a character she made up.


A freshness balanced with clean and soft silhouettes. Smooth textures of oversized shapes create a unisex look and neutralise the scene.