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Ellen Gallagher

African American artist Ellen Gallagher’s multilayered works are underwhelmingly shocking; the canon of advertising is transformed as the façade of the equality and diversity promised lingers unsettlingly, the uniformity of racial stereotypes continuing to burden the black body.

Philomé Obin

Haitian painter Philomé Obin’s works possess considerable depth, the illusion of unsophisticated figurative drawings simultaneously dictates a pain and an endurance; a joyous revolt, a hallelujah to the Haitian independence, an unvarnished disclosure of unchanging politics and poverty.

Fatimah Tuggar

Nigerian visual artist and photographer, Fatimah Tuggar’s works present a collaged reality of West African and Western motifs, a world where African is not a homogenous identity, where tropes of class, race and religion may differ without colliding.

Diana Chire

Diana Chire, performance artist and curator is one of the modern day icons shattering the art world’s misogynistic glass ceiling.