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Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is not your mother’s cannabis brand. But it could be and maybe it should be. Their aesthetic is hip, their packaging is refined, and their flowers are potent. Pull up a chair. Puff, puff, pass.


Whether you’re in the market for a mini, house-shaped jewelry box, a ganja leaf toilet seat or 17,523 movies (world’s largest collection!) @eBaybae will find it for you.


@scientologie is a storyteller of modern history recorded in real time. It’s aim is to call out the codes by which our superficial society lives. Also to amuse and enlighten.


Do you like design? Do you like @uglydesign? Well you should. For those not in the know: This page will make you laugh, gasp and scratch your head. Tell me…What more could you ask for in a feed?


Want a little inspiration? A spicy combo loaded with references to the past, present and future? Hop on the hyper modern aesthetic train kids, and let @grey93 take you for a ride.


Behind @lowcheekbones Is Sweet and Salty Vlogger and NYC Based Comedian, Caroline Solomon.  Her Posts Range anywhere From Vlasic Pickle Foot Soaks and Lucky Charm Croc Plugs to NyQuil Infused Cherry Pie (PyQuil).