All in art

Axel Gutapfel

Axel Gutapfel is a French-born illustrator and designer based in Glasgow. He’s 26. His IG handle is @axelgutapfel and his creations *drew* our attention.

Hannah Wilson

Hannah is an artist. She can listen destructively to Leonard Cohen on repeat. The outcome is a crew of girls in bathing-suits, athletic champions who do not pose to pleasure.

Timur Si-Qin

Artist Timur Si-Qin and the way we live and reflect the memories of our world, ever-falling into the arms of exaggeration. Because we live to remember.

Martin Bruce

Martin Bruce: Experimental, self taught painter with a specialty in digital art. He allows himself a certain amount of freedom that is unique and refreshing. He also likes the Simpons. A lot.


First things first, Highceilingblues’ dad didn’t actually invent toaster strudel. Brandon tells us about his muses and his hair.

Rachel Lamot

Rachel Lamot is a future-face wizard and specializes in moldable skin, a cosmetic solution. What does this even mean, you might ask? Read on to find out!

Esmay Wagemans

Esmay Wagemans is a science fiction artist. Like a mad scientist she mixes materials resulting in wearable and displayable objects like second skins and future skin hand gloves.

Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor tells us about her 3D designs, virtual clothing and of course I have to ask her about her signature (animated) boob jiggle - hypnotic and mesmerizing.

Paul Barsch

Paul Barsch’s work gravitates around the arcane, situational mechanisms that turn images into narratives. Here, Paul talks through his last solo exhibition, the moon, and the “underlying feeling of unease” embedded in his latest series of sculptures.

Mitchell Craft

Meet Mitchell Craft, young talented computer artist - Or Is that what kids are calling it these days? Also, did you know that one can major in what is called “Kinetic Imaging”?! Well, you do now! Find out how to become a next level whiz kid web rat like Mitchell in today’s feature.