All in people

Isabelle Larsson

Isabelle’s key is to never think that something will come out as you think it will. Her work has a lot to do with using male connotations on very feminine clothing.

Javier Almau

He dreams of a Vegas wedding in a CGI world. He dreams of Clairvoyants and Dolly Parton. Javier Almau Taboada talks of TV after 2 am and tracksuit-and-heels housewives.

Sara Helleberg

Who’s Sara Helleberg behind his selfies with curious earrings? She defines herself as a 23 yo artist and model from Norway. Sara discusses more about her way to wear herself and to apprehend fashion and art.

Allie Arciprete

Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Allie is a 19yo influencer and an active seller on Depop as well. She discusses about fashion, and how she finds herself in the thrift shop and clothes from 90’s and 00’s.

Flo Guan

Meet Flo Guan, from London she’s a young influencer who used to keep the good energies and positivity. She discusses about her favorite address and places in London, and how the fashion in New York inspired her.

Paul Aaron Collins

Meet Paul, a London-­based young designer. He discusses emotion, and talk more  about the youth of today and how his childhood or his mom’s house are inspiration  and help him to create his own fluid and colorful universe.