Léo AW19

Instinctive spirituality, psychological and technological limbos and meditative raving, the LEO trio rejects fictional muses and designs for the real woman of our generation.

Not Married Yet

Exploring the complexity of becoming a woman through the act of dressing up, photographer Emma Picq captures two young girls struggling with the desire to mature and the fear of losing their childlike innocence.

Patricia Rezai

Poetry is not dead. At least that is what Patricia thinks, as a writer of multiple poetic works that are now published in print. She shared her thoughts on the role of poetry in modern day expression and the digital age.

Nicole Ngai

More than a Singaporean London-based photographer, Nicole Ngai fell in love with all the process and the practice of film and polaroid cameras. Nicole talks more about the connection she tries to have with all her subjects before wait for the slow process of development which give a quiet contemplation and preciousness to her work.


BARBARATTES is a new brand born in Venezuela. Its only creative, designer and employee is Barbara, who has moved now her activity in Colombia. Barbara is conquering Instagram with a strong aesthetic, reaching for stores and attending events.


Valverde is an up and coming fashion brand that is out of this world… Literally. The garments are inspired by the designer’s created universe, filled with mystical imagery and references to dark spirituality. 

Mathilda Guve

Stockholm based designer, Mathilda Guve, shares her biggest inspirations and fantasies that influence her work, From her surrounding energies, to daydreaming of being a luxurious cabaret dancer, Mathilda has endless references behind her work and take on every day life.

Each X Other AW19

Each Other is a brand inspired by connection and bringing beauty to ordinary life. The AW19 show that took place in Paris exhibited wearable looks with a strong feminine undertone. Explore the backstage snaps as a cross section of this tastefully cool label.

Ghost I

Meet Ghost I, a Berlin based musician, artist and spook. His new song, The Tower, traps us in a pouty, haunted garage full of feelings.