New Life Ai

Merging social networks and video games, mobile app NEW LIFE AI’s approach to technology and advertising will revolutionise the way we think about fashion

Adrian Saker

Chicken Shops, Nail-bars and Bookmakers - a typical suburban high street. In England’s Heartland there is a society lost, confused and in search of an identity – a little like myself at the time of making these pictures. 

Carol Civre

Carol is a New York based creative tech artist, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of 3D art. With her aesthetically pleasing style, she creates empowering, yet absurd images. She talks about life as a young 3D designer, her Italian influence and her Sims addiction.


A heel named ‘Shoe Weapon’ inspired by electric drills sets the tone for her work. DI DU is here to challenge the Status Quo. Read her words on feminine power, vintage-futurism and cultural disruption.

Rosie Gibbens

Alluring yet absurd, artist Rosie Gibbens’ performative work aims for viewers to experience both amusement at the euphemistic nature of it, and discomfort at the elements associated with voyeurism and objectification.

Kaan Ulgener

Meet Kaan, a London based 3D character artist who creates characters that are both refined yet disturbing. He talks inspiration, aspiration and imagination.