Fluid figures evolving into digital archeology, Nicemask is mesmorised by fantasies of the real world and sees life as a lottery ticket.

Kedr Livanskiy

On her maiden voyage to Moscow, Adina Glickstein repeatedly embarrasses herself in front of Russia’s princess of underground techno—all in the name of some not-very-rigorous music journalism.


Gen G., short for ‘Generation Gaming’, is a photo series inspired by the gaming generation - ‘that spends more time gaming in fantastic virtual worlds than in the real world’.

Rui Ho

Berlin-based producer RUI HO creates a rich and melodic sound by mixing traditional Chinese tones with electronic music. With two EP:s under her belt and gigs all over the world she is now getting ready for her third release later this summer. 


Tara Hakin shares her 6-look womenswear graduate collection inspired by Guy Bourdin, Daido Moriyama, Hans Furer and Kazumi Kurigami and focused on ‘wet look texture’.


SUGAR is a blog, a platform, a brand, and a forthecoming scripted television programme for and by full-service sex workers. In a new photo series, photographer Shaya Scott captured the stars of the show, styled by Lauren Ferreira - and SUGAR’s founder Erika Flynn discusses their mission.

The Witch Twins

A culmination of Opera, Harry Potter and transfigured 20thcentury warmth, ‘The Witch Twins’ challenge social constructs as genderless undercover extra-terrestrials.

Lover's Tale

Stylist Inez Naomi and photographer Imke Panhuijzen share their regal, whimsical, aristocratic-esque take on fashion in their stunning new series ‘Lover’s Tale’.

Samy La Crapule

Bathing in Transhumanism, augmented humans and the power of customising avatars, self-proclaimed auto-addict Samy La Crapule perceives 3D as a new world; and filters as the new makeup of our generation.


‘Totality’ is a new fashion series styled by Marita Owens, photographed by Jake Elliott, and modeled by Alizon Bizzi - also known as @ultraposh94.