COEVAL /kəʊˈiːv(ə)l/
Having the same age or date of origin; contemporary.
Contemporaneous — Refers usually to periods, ages, eras.

Inspiring source for the conscious rebel, Coeval, the encyclopaedic-format publication, explores the new era artists, musicians designers, photographers, directors and people by the avant-garde perspective and today’s vibrant subcultures, which are advancing new ideas, inspired by the futurist mindsets.

Glorifying the decadence of the new selfie-obsessed generation, the encouragement of experimentation is represented through diverse and curious creative cultures. Independence is evoked by themes of challenging the system and breaking stereotypes.

Always on the search for the new and emerging talents, Coeval interviews captivating personalities, featuring their selfies while weaving in collaborations with contemporary artists being one of the most visionary publication nowadays.