Patrick McDowell

Patrick McDowell

Patrick McDowell’s work first caught my eye when I spotted his patchwork bellbottom pants. He kept my eye when I noticed styling tricks including an ice pick, ski goggles and climbing gear!


You are in your last year of studying womenswear. Why did you choose womenswear specifically and what have been the best and hardest parts of your studies?
I chose womenswear at CSM because I’d heard it was the place where you could be as creative as you could dream to be. And to create forms for the body with an amazing freedom and guidance from tutors. 

I started my degree straight from A levels without the traditional foundation course and it made my first year incredibly difficult. I failed that year actually and had to redo it. The jump from school to CSM Womenswear was just too big and I really struggled to find my place. 

Thankfully, I stayed at it and as I started second year I began to feel my passion returning. I began to explore lots of different styles throughout the year and now feel very blessed and thankful to have been able to experience this incredible creative process. Upon reflection, I am also proud of myself for sticking with what was one of the hardest processes I've been through.

You are based in the UK - are you from there? What part and Who is in your squad?
I am from a small place near Liverpool called Wirral but I moved to London for CSM. I have a great group of friends in London with varied interests, I've met some incredible people at CSM. 

I love how sustainable you are. Tell us about why this is important and how it helps you creatively.
Sustainability doesn't have to mean hessian sacks and a beach in Bali Kaftan. There are so many interesting ways to approach it and develop as a designer. It shouldn't be your USP it should just be a part of your process as a designer. We are meant to be looking forward as students at CSM, and frankly anyone not considering sustainability is not preparing for their future.

Your dad was a rock climber...are you too? What are you into outside of fashion?
I can climb but not as well as my dad used to. I love to go running, I like being outside, cycling. I think you get to explore places in a new way when you're running, its a pace you don't experience otherwise. I can also do it where ever I am in the world, I just need my trainers and I'm off.

We want to know more about your print development - are you in the business of making prints? How does one do this?
There is a Print pathway at CSM so I haven't really been in this business. I enjoy prints a lot however and think they can lift a collection dramatically.

What would be your dream job upon finishing school?
I would love to start my own label at some point and would possibly consider a masters if I could get a scholarship. I’m happy when i'm creating and especially when I’m part of a team. 

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