Antonio Scaccabarozzi

Antonio Scaccabarozzi

Iniezioni, 1980, acrylic on raw canvas, O.mmc 1,4,6,8 rip., 50 x 80 cm

Antonio Scaccabarozzi explored repetition through his bold colourful works, using sharp graphic lines and a broad energetic colour palette. The current Scaccabarozzi retrospective is being exhibited at the Scaramouche Gallery based in New York.

Spanning the history of the late Scaccabarozzi’s vibrant career, the gallery presents a diverse collection of the accomplished artists history. The playful experiments almost act as a predecessor to other works, a form of research for further development. Combining brush strokes that look like natural ink-spills with a certain measured precision; it is this collision of the organic and the natural, along with repetition that defines the artists aesthetic.

From Scaccabarozzi’s early works such as 'Gioco sul quadrato' created in 1969, to more recent pieces such as ‘Essenziale con "ombre pittoriche”' in 1991, the linear evolution and development is clear from initial mark makings to more three-dimensional sculptural pieces. The way that the artist used colour remains constant, often boldly yet also sparingly, small pops of colour tear at the edges of the page or are repeated in small flecks across the imposing white spaces. The works exhibited demonstrate the artists distinctive aesthetic, experimental nature and pays a fitting tribute to the artist’s pioneering spirit.

Prevalenze, 1974, minimo (nero) grigio, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

Essenziale con "ombre pittoriche", 1991, giallo e bianco, 41.5 x 81.5 cm

Quantitá di giallo, 1989, colored ink on transparent polyethylene, 200x 200 cm

"Threshold of Perception" installation view at Scaramouche New York, 2015

Essenziale Carminio nero, 1992, acrylic and reinforced resin, 52 x 64 cm

Gioco sul quadrato, 1969, acrylic, wood on board, 59 x 59 cm

Prevalenze, Tre presente Tre assente, 1979, 100 x 100 cm

Untitled, 1998, shaped and folded rose-violet polyethylene film, 57 x 57 cm

Canvas Injections C, 1980, Blu Ultramarine, cmc 3.5/cmc 0.5 x 7, 47 x 47 cm



Text by Harriet Welch

Courtesy of the Artist
Antonio Scaccabarozzi

Courtesy of the gallery
Scaramouche, NY
"Threshold of Perception" 
September 10 - November 14, 2015


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