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Kedr Livanskiy

On her maiden voyage to Moscow, Adina Glickstein repeatedly embarrasses herself in front of Russia’s princess of underground techno—all in the name of some not-very-rigorous music journalism.

Rui Ho

Berlin-based producer RUI HO creates a rich and melodic sound by mixing traditional Chinese tones with electronic music. With two EP:s under her belt and gigs all over the world she is now getting ready for her third release later this summer. 

Chi Virgo

Photographer Anthony Hilliard’s photo series, styled by Lauren Ferreira, features Nigeria-born London-based musician Chi Virgo - the singer-songwriter who shares life doesn’t always have to be all about getting good grades, going to uni and working in an office.


I first fell in love with Lafawndah at The Honey Colony, her voice intoxicating, her presence mouth-watering. Harmonising with the other Honeys: Elheist, Tirzah, Kelsey Lu and Bonnie Banane – Lafawndah is no stranger to collaboration. 


Beshken is the project of New York based musician/producer Ben Shirken. Following the release of his latest album ‘Aisle of Palm’, he reflects on stoner audiences and bridging the gap between artistry and industry.

Next Town Down

If you’re lucky you caught one of Next Town Down’s viral covers. (Chris Brown even reposted their version of Undecided). The five boys take a break from their rising stardom to talk about meeting online and getting caught in the snow.

Stina Force

All she needs are drums and her voice! The Swedish artist Stina Force is creating a new performance experience, embracing the grotesque and the vulnerable, while being on stage screaming, moving and drumming.

Raven Artson

Musician, artist and producer Raven Artson catches up with us through a selection of photographs from his recently curated one-off group show ‘Rosed Out’ in Los Angeles - where he’s recently settled and plans to stay for a while

Jasper Lotti

Meet Jasper Lotti, the LA/Maine-based artist who mixes unconventional sounds with vocal melodies to create a hypnotizing pop that will draw you in and get you on your feet. We had a chat about her inspirations, upcoming projects and latest releases.

Caleb Steph

Get to know Caleb: the Virgina-hailing rapper who urges you to know yourself and somehow manages to find the time to get stuck in with community work wherever he finds himself.