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Thaiboy Digital

Thaiboy Digital has been at the forefront of futuristic musical expression for years - with ‘Legendary Member’ he steps into his own with a record presenting a unifying transatlantic viewpoint.


Singer-songwriter, visual artist and producer Absrdst talks about his tweets, an animated slice of life comedy TV show in the works, and learning how to write music thanks to fuckboys.


Speaking to Resident Advisor in 2011, Anders Trentemøller aptly summarized the over dramatization of sound in films in one line- “if you smoke a cigarette in a movie, you can hear it.”  Such is the case with ‘Obverse’, Trentemøller’s first record in three years, which sees the producer fully embracing the conceptual, cinematic qualities that have always defined his work.

Lila Gold

New York based, and Sydney born creative, Lila Gold, debuts her first music video for her psychedelic pop banger, 'Big Sad Eyes'. With direction and set design by Natalie Falt (Grimes, King Princess and Billie Eilish), this music video has equally as beautiful visuals to accompany the song.

Weyes Blood

Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood has outdone herself with her use symbolism to promote her activist views on her latest album release, ’Titanic Rising,’ and delves into the inner workings of this thought process.

Kedr Livanskiy

On her maiden voyage to Moscow, Adina Glickstein repeatedly embarrasses herself in front of Russia’s princess of underground techno—all in the name of some not-very-rigorous music journalism.

Rui Ho

Berlin-based producer RUI HO creates a rich and melodic sound by mixing traditional Chinese tones with electronic music. With two EP:s under her belt and gigs all over the world she is now getting ready for her third release later this summer. 

Chi Virgo

Photographer Anthony Hilliard’s photo series, styled by Lauren Ferreira, features Nigeria-born London-based musician Chi Virgo - the singer-songwriter who shares life doesn’t always have to be all about getting good grades, going to uni and working in an office.


I first fell in love with Lafawndah at The Honey Colony, her voice intoxicating, her presence mouth-watering. Harmonising with the other Honeys: Elheist, Tirzah, Kelsey Lu and Bonnie Banane – Lafawndah is no stranger to collaboration. 


Beshken is the project of New York based musician/producer Ben Shirken. Following the release of his latest album ‘Aisle of Palm’, he reflects on stoner audiences and bridging the gap between artistry and industry.