Fetish Lore

That moment, when magic and supernatural are exploring each other. Fetish clothing culture mixed with Swedish folklore, a style that gives the wearer an undefined kind of control and power.

Liam Hodges SS20

Happy 6th-year anniversary to self-titled London-based brand Liam Hodges - whose new SS20 collection Fifth Generation explores futurism and pressure of social media, inspired by online personalities, cyberpunk ideas and stock computer game characters.

Tea Strazicic

Meet Tea Strazicic - the Croatian artist that believes the education of fantasy is more likely to shape young minds than sitting in a classroom.

Jasper Lotti

Meet Jasper Lotti, the LA/Maine-based artist who mixes unconventional sounds with vocal melodies to create a hypnotizing pop that will draw you in and get you on your feet. We had a chat about her inspirations, upcoming projects and latest releases.


The photo series ‘Homemade’ looks to handcrafted Latin American fashion, capturing the raw and unpolished nature of the rising fashion scene in Mexico City through the lens of Maria Fernanda Molins.

Tony Futura

When the generation #foodporn is over. Meet Tony Futura, a Berlin based digital artist that is creating simple images with a twist, while fighting against the copying of digital art pieces.

Boys in Love

Photo series by Edrien Guillermo visits a lucid dream about love through a masculine perspective, with its primary purpose to convey sexual freedom, combining the forces of love and sex, without limitation. 


Directed by QUALIATIK and Kathleen Dycaico, “Mother Tongue” is the official music video for the first single off of QUALIATIK’s debut EP, ‘Discarnate’.

Marc Ranger

Who is Marc Ranger? He prefers not to answer the question. He lives outside the box and inside a creative world of his own that seems to produce artistic fruit in every area of his life. From an outsider’s perspective, he is an illustrator, photographer, creative conceptualist and personal branding extraordinaire… but see for yourself. 

Seung Jin Yang

Art from Seoul by Seungjin Yang, that starts with the idea of exploring something unexpected. A fragile material that is turning into a stable eye-catchy Art piece, introducing “The blowing series“ that embodies the approach of using something that is more defined as an antithesis. 

From The Roots

From The Roots, Italian streetwear that dedicates their collections to the roots and origins of living. Growing like a tree that starts as a humble seed to developing strong roots to produce branches and leaves. #fashion

Yao Bikuni

Weeping tears that become pearls and shining gold scales of a romantically tragic creature, the Ningyo has a sweet meat flesh that can renew into immortality.