Pat O'Malley

Pat O’malley has a new photo book coming out called “Cruiser” and we’re here to give you a sneak peek. If you are, ever have been or know an action sport lover, adrenaline junkie, vacationer or tourist, this series is for you.


Are you ready to get to know the not-a-girl not-yet-a-woman nor a-boy-not-yet-a-man, the unartificial intelligence, Cibelle? #themtheirtheirs #aevtarperform #deprogram #redirectthealgorithm.

Cristina BanBan

Cristina BanBan: meet the fiery Spaniard whose images of sexy, confident and passionate women are becoming increasingly prominent within the current emerging art scene.


“Andromeda” reminds us of the depths of outer space - Beyond the abyss and into the great wide open. Get to your very own galaxy beyond the black hole in your head.


Japanese multi-instrumentalist, Jiga, translates literally to ego/self from Japanese. The twenty-one year old ambient artist’s addictive seven-track record is his second ever release.

Daisy Stenham

A gutted fish, cooked Lobster, half smoked cigarettes stubbed out in a cake worthy of Fortnum & Mason, a William Calder sculpture suspended from an interior of a North London home and two adults conversing with numerous ‘pauses’.