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Matt Giordano

Coeval discovered the work of Matt Giordano, aka @cheap_trillz on Instagram, via his creepy dancing baby filter and immediately had to know more.

Pablo Rochat

From classical to digital art. Pablo Rochat has an Instagram profile that you should definitely follow, entertainment pure meets postmodern art. 


Fluid figures evolving into digital archeology, Nicemask is mesmorised by fantasies of the real world and sees life as a lottery ticket.

Samy La Crapule

Bathing in Transhumanism, augmented humans and the power of customising avatars, self-proclaimed auto-addict Samy La Crapule perceives 3D as a new world; and filters as the new makeup of our generation.

Alexander James

Sharper than Razor Blades is artist Alexander James’ most recent body of work – and unlike its morose title, explores our current fixation on self-identifying with a playful nostalgia.

Gray Wielebinski

In their upcoming exhibition at DATEAGLE, Gray Wielebinski rethinks embodiment, sports fandom, and heroism to imagine a more inclusive future that’s more than mythology.

Carolina Lindberg

From Digital illustrations to Art installations, Carolina Lindberg is working through several fields across the industry, with her style that is inspiring and empowering the women artist business.

Xevi Solà

Filming a horror movie while using relaxing pastel tones. Seeking ways to give clues that refer to the darkest part of consciousness. Capturing moments that are considered amoral, beyond the good and evil. Meet Xevi Solà!

Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle

Organic sound sculptures cherishing the mundane and finished with nostalgic echoes, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle’s sonic architecture and art nourishes her desire to recreate and reincarnate.

Tea Strazicic

Meet Tea Strazicic - the Croatian artist that believes the education of fantasy is more likely to shape young minds than sitting in a classroom.

Tony Futura

When the generation #foodporn is over. Meet Tony Futura, a Berlin based digital artist that is creating simple images with a twist, while fighting against the copying of digital art pieces.

Seung Jin Yang

Art from Seoul by Seungjin Yang, that starts with the idea of exploring something unexpected. A fragile material that is turning into a stable eye-catchy Art piece, introducing “The blowing series“ that embodies the approach of using something that is more defined as an antithesis.