Jane Chardiet

Meet Jane Chardiet, also known as Jane Pain - a second generation punk, ‘real New Yorker’, 35mm photographer, writer and musician focused on documenting ‘now’, through the lens of her own life

Carolina Lindberg

From Digital illustrations to Art installations, Carolina Lindberg is working through several fields across the industry, with her style that is inspiring and empowering the women artist business.


Photographer Nicola Favaron’s new photo series is inspired by curiosity and gratitude, and serves as symbolism for physical strength, agility, and female empowerment - starring 15-year-old model Kimberley Leech, who has albinism and nystagmus.

Stina Force

All she needs are drums and her voice! The Swedish artist Stina Force is creating a new performance experience, embracing the grotesque and the vulnerable, while being on stage screaming, moving and drumming.

Xevi Solà

Filming a horror movie while using relaxing pastel tones. Seeking ways to give clues that refer to the darkest part of consciousness. Capturing moments that are considered amoral, beyond the good and evil. Meet Xevi Solà!

Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle

Organic sound sculptures cherishing the mundane and finished with nostalgic echoes, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle’s sonic architecture and art nourishes her desire to recreate and reincarnate.