Ahead of their quick return to the UK to promote their debut album Friendship Music, we had the opportunity to shoot the breeze and share some memes with the Surfbort.

Yeha Leung

With the likes of Rihanna and FKA twigs, NY based designer Yeha Leung is pushing the boundaries of dress, female representation and freedom of any kind.

Christian Rex van Minnen

Christian Van Minnen is an NYC-based artist who loves to show through his canvases, the mad fusion between horror and sweetness which represent the amazing contrasts of life. He talks more about his meticulous creation process and what his curious representations hide.

Twin Fashion Guide

“Twins Fashion Guide” is a way to show to the world that the same person can look different because of his outfit. Same person, different thoughts. It's a way to deformation ourself. 

Benedicte Eggesbo

Questions from one young curious designer to another. Designers Benedict Eggesbo, Mathilda Guve and Isabelle Knobel open up about their mental health, creative blocks and the wild and (sometimes) controversial fashion industry that they are currently working in.


Meet Ipsa, currently an undergraduate Graphic Design student, she practices both digital design and fashion recycling. She tells us today why she prefers the real instead of the virtual even if she always takes pleasure to make collage which reflects her mood and personal style.