Micol Ragni

Designer Micol Ragni shares her vision on the importance of light, the power of dress and working with female icons like Bjork and Erykah Badu in a collaboration with artist Maria Forque.


As the co-founder of Amsterdam’s X3, Lyzza is by now a familiar face in the underground club scene. But following the release of her vocal-driven EP “Imposter”, it is clear that she wants to be known for much more.

Sara Helleberg

Who’s Sara Helleberg behind his selfies with curious earrings? She defines herself as a 23 yo artist and model from Norway. Sara discusses more about her way to wear herself and to apprehend fashion and art.


Meet Janine Grosche, a young designer of her own brand: PATH. Between the culture of Berlin and Beijing she tells us how China is faster than Europe and how she succeeds to apprehend the fashion of this country.