Fashion Ufo

Photographer Valentin Fabre employs distortion and overexposure to examine the polluted state of the world through two well-dressed aliens’ innocent eyes.

Robert Coombs

Education through porn, sexual adventures and adjusting to disability in the new age of dating apps, Robert Coombs’ ‘CripFag’ indiscriminately lusts over the morphing body.

Erik Sommer

Erik is an artist based in New york, which hostess is being his main muse. With a butter knife he spreads cement on his models only to decay it again.


Keiken imagines new worlds with their collective, open-source art practice: from fashion to video games, their work envisions a more just, equitable technological future.

Christina Nwabugo

Unapologetic shared existence, the domino effect of positive self-depiction and collective validity, Christina Nwabugo is mesmorised by human preciosity and salutes black lives in a digital sphere.

Merci Jitter

Merci Jitter is a worldwide collective of talented creatives pushing multiculturalism and odd combinations alongside photography and physical installations; made up of Icelandic/French producer Daniel Ness, HNRO and Seoul-native Kim Kate.

A very Western Affair

Exploring Renaissance art and Western culture, photographer Nicole Ngai and creative director Joe parker conjure up a romantic world of cowboy extravagance to reflect the designs of Olivia Pudelko’s label Western Affair.

Hardeman AW19

Following their latest presentation, Amsterdam-based denim brand focused on love—something they believe the world needs. Draped dresses, tie-dye suits with red trim fur, and distinctive knits joined their usual roster of upcycled denim designs at their speed-dating event at the Ace Hotel in L.A.

Lovers Club

Meet Yoeri and Stef, members of Lovers club, they discuss about what they want to show with their band and how love is for them a question of self-acceptance, freedom and respect.

Memory Foam

Intrigued by the static nature of classical sculpture, photographer Laura Schaeffer’s series ‘Memory Foam’ replaces dynamic movements with still poses in order to freeze time.

Madrona Redhawk

With a Vegas-fuelled potion for “a lust for life, an appreciation for glitz and glamor and a hyper-fixation on skylines”, Madrona Redhawk stipulates on the purity of art and subconscious thirsts.

Thomas Santos

He finds himself somewhere between a schoolboy and a spinster. He has an obsession for Chelsea Charm’s breasts and loves to buy clothes he’ll wear once. Meet Thomas Santos, a young Paris based stylist.