Pat O'Rourke

Pat O’Rourke has possibly broken every camera he’s ever owned and apparently he has a thing for shoes. He also explains the skater vs blader thing from the early 2000s.

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is not your mother’s cannabis brand. But it could be and maybe it should be. Their aesthetic is hip, their packaging is refined, and their flowers are potent. Pull up a chair. Puff, puff, pass.


Meet Lien. An intriguingly beautiful art student, who’s observational school acquaintance just couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Esmay Wagemans

Esmay Wagemans is a science fiction artist. Like a mad scientist she mixes materials resulting in wearable and displayable objects like second skins and future skin hand gloves.


New York-based artist Sedona is not a hard and fast term. She is somewhere between a maker and a siren—a songstress marching to her own drum.

Jack Minto

Maryland Parkway — Two miles east of the Las Vegas strip in the good ole’ US of A sits a non descript, dusty road called Maryland Parkway. This was home to UK based photographer Jack Minto for a month when he documented the dark side of the American Dream.


Whether you’re in the market for a mini, house-shaped jewelry box, a ganja leaf toilet seat or 17,523 movies (world’s largest collection!) @eBaybae will find it for you.

Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor tells us about her 3D designs, virtual clothing and of course I have to ask her about her signature (animated) boob jiggle - hypnotic and mesmerizing.


@scientologie is a storyteller of modern history recorded in real time. It’s aim is to call out the codes by which our superficial society lives. Also to amuse and enlighten.

Paul Barsch

Paul Barsch’s work gravitates around the arcane, situational mechanisms that turn images into narratives. Here, Paul talks through his last solo exhibition, the moon, and the “underlying feeling of unease” embedded in his latest series of sculptures.


Shygirl is the allusive 25-year-old musician and DJ whose hard-core ‘pep talks’ are fast becoming London’s club anthems – her music is shy, bossy, a rude ‘acquired taste.’