Marjan Moghaddam

Digital artist Marjan Moghaddam investigates hypnotising shape-shifting forms in computer generated formats, to combine the Personal with the Global. Doing so whilst exploring what she refers to as our ‘Collective Imagination’ - one that finds itself enhanced by the internet.

Thaiboy Digital

Thaiboy Digital has been at the forefront of futuristic musical expression for years - with ‘Legendary Member’ he steps into his own with a record presenting a unifying transatlantic viewpoint.

Stacie Ant

Stacie Ant is the artist behind reality-warping shiny femme figures on the posters of Berlin club nights, music videos and peppering our Instagram feeds- we delve into the thoughts behind the art. 


Singer-songwriter, visual artist and producer Absrdst talks about his tweets, an animated slice of life comedy TV show in the works, and learning how to write music thanks to fuckboys.

Estrid Akermark

From sculpting both physically and digitally, Swedish artist Estrid Åkermark gives us an insight into her developmental avatar creations as she explores mass production, opulence and femininity in today’s technological society.

Back To Work: Office Rituals

Sivasdescalzo’s AW19 campaign ‘Back to Work: Office Rituals’ invites you to explore an eccentric landscape where the daily office routine has been transformed into a playground of experimentation, in collaboration with Alicia Padrón and James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger).

Phoebe English SS20

“Evolve now or die later” — English fashion designer Phoebe English leads the way with sustainable fashion in her meticulously-sourced, gender-inclusive SS20 collection. Down to the buttons, English’s innovative designs pave the way for the future of fashion, and the world.