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Gen G., short for ‘Generation Gaming’, is a photo series inspired by the gaming generation - ‘that spends more time gaming in fantastic virtual worlds than in the real world’.


Tara Hakin shares her 6-look womenswear graduate collection inspired by Guy Bourdin, Daido Moriyama, Hans Furer and Kazumi Kurigami and focused on ‘wet look texture’.

Lover's Tale

Stylist Inez Naomi and photographer Imke Panhuijzen share their regal, whimsical, aristocratic-esque take on fashion in their stunning new series ‘Lover’s Tale’.


‘Totality’ is a new fashion series styled by Marita Owens, photographed by Jake Elliott, and modeled by Alizon Bizzi - also known as @ultraposh94.


Photographer Nicola Favaron’s new photo series is inspired by curiosity and gratitude, and serves as symbolism for physical strength, agility, and female empowerment - starring 15-year-old model Kimberley Leech, who has albinism and nystagmus.


Paris based photographer, Camille Mompach, presents “Ginger”, an exclusive fashion story for Coeval Magazine all shot on film. She was inspired by a mix of her Parisian surroundings and Japanese culture to create fluid imagery, with hues blending together like water colour paint. Check out the creative release and her interview below.


Meet the Milan-based Italian-Syrian designer creating self-proclaimed ‘humanswear’ inspired by fetishism - who hates real life and wishes there could be more magic in their creations


Photographer Ali Yavuz Ata shares a futuristic take on the potential impending outcomes of humanism under the influence of artificial intelligence with a series called Humanoid.