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Meet the Milan-based Italian-Syrian designer creating self-proclaimed ‘humanswear’ inspired by fetishism - who hates real life and wishes there could be more magic in their creations

From The Roots

From The Roots, Italian streetwear that dedicates their collections to the roots and origins of living. Growing like a tree that starts as a humble seed to developing strong roots to produce branches and leaves. #fashion


Transformation fluxes, sacrality and eternity, the anonymous founder of OLOAPITREPS has a “never-ending natural urge of manipulating [one’s perception] of beauty, in order to elevate it to the next level”.

Maria Korkeila

“In My Room” is a capsule collection designed by Maria Korkeila, which explores how one’s bedroom space reflects their personal identity. She teamed up with video director and co-collaborator Joaquim Bayle to put her work into on-screen motion. Read below to learn about the project and the artists behind the work.

Louis Gabriel Nouchi

Writings turned into garments. Parisian designer Louis Gabriel Nouchi turns the books he reads into the collections presents. Educated by his own imagination, Nouchi looks at the art of dressmaking through a lens of inclusion, freedom and comfort.


Arabic motifs and deep values expressed through storytelling put Twelvepieces in a league of its own as an emerging luxury streetwear brand based in Scandinavia. See how the label’s designer, Amir Hassan, draws inspiration from his Egyptian roots to create a unique concept.


Valverde is an up and coming fashion brand that is out of this world… Literally. The garments are inspired by the designer’s created universe, filled with mystical imagery and references to dark spirituality.