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Coeval in conversation with designer Noy Munis on her sculptural acid-trip collection “Exceeding Expectations” inspired by feeling alienated and her 3D modelled artwork.

Hvala Ilija

Hvala Ilija is the Austrian-based label created by Ilija Miličić which focuses on the softer side of masculinity. His new collection titled ‘čist račun, duga Ijubav’ (clean bill, long love) explores the boundaries of heterosexuality.


The muted colours that dominate the collection are contrasted with the ‘alien’ quality that his sculptural creations evoke. “I like the contrast of soft materials with something strong,” he says.

Linus Leonardsson

Champagne rivers, infinite rainbows and flower meadows. This is how London-based designer Linus Leonardsson imagines his utopic future. His work is a celebration of personal exploration and freedom. With an activistic mindset, ready for change, Linus is off to a fabulous but conscious future.


Meet the Milan-based Italian-Syrian designer creating self-proclaimed ‘humanswear’ inspired by fetishism - who hates real life and wishes there could be more magic in their creations

From The Roots

From The Roots, Italian streetwear that dedicates their collections to the roots and origins of living. Growing like a tree that starts as a humble seed to developing strong roots to produce branches and leaves. #fashion


Transformation fluxes, sacrality and eternity, the anonymous founder of OLOAPITREPS has a “never-ending natural urge of manipulating [one’s perception] of beauty, in order to elevate it to the next level”.