Coucou Chloe

Coucou Chloe


I met Chloe a few months back in a Air B&B in Chinatown, Milan, through mutual friends. We sat on the balcony in the rain, drinking whiskey and/or wine? and relighting up cigarettes approximately every six minutes. If her stunning looks don't charm you enough; then you are $ure to fall deep with her down to earth character and gorgeous fwwwrench accent. 

When you’re not producing music or performing, what do you like to do with your spare time? 
Drinking whiskey on a balcony in the rain in Milan. I don’t get the chance to spend that much time at mine so whenever I can, I like to hang out in bed, cry from time to time on how beautiful this performance of Horowitz I found on youtube is, play video games and spend time with my friends and my family, also eat good food (bon appétit!). I don’t know, I’m quite chill and life’s cool. But actually, when I’m not performing, my mind is mostly busy thinking about the music I am working on. 


Why did start your record label NUXXE?
NUXXE is really our newborn baby. Shygirl, Sega Bodega and myself (who are the founders of NUXXE) were sitting in Shygirl’s bedroom and we were saying that we wanted to be booked more all together, then we just thought of a name for our crew thinking that it will make it easier, then we decided to release Shygirl’s duo single on NUXXE. It felt natural to release it ourselves, we obviously wanted to make it the best way we could at that time so we looked up about distribution stuff etc then we just looked at each other and said loud ‘wait, we are a label now.’ That’s the story. Now Oklou has joined the crew, we are already growing!

Any other female artists inspire you with your music? Who’s your girl crush atm?
To be honest, I’m not paying more attention to female artists than male artists, I mean, I just check the vibe and if I like it, I like it. I’m not giving extra attention to female artists because they are female and it’s also the way I’d like to be considered. I’m always bad at saying my crushes of the moment as it’s always changing but, if you insist, today’s girl crush is Bhad Bhabie. Although he got no tits, I’m gonna risk myself and get a bit out the road but, I have to say that I do really admire Sick Luke as a producer.


Although you’re continuously travelling for work, in which city do you most feel at home? Where are your fave places to hang out/party/shop there?
I moved to London two years ago and I immediately felt like home there. I was living in Nice/Antibes before, in the south of France, and it will always be my home. BUT, as you know, I do feel like home every time I come to Milan. It’s definitely my favourite place to be at the moment. That’s probably why I will spend all September there. Find me around, at a party, in the studio, in a pool or in a bed.

Been around the world... but have you found your baby?
I got plenty of babies and bitches in my life, but right now I do really enjoy being alone. It’s really important for me to spend a lot of time by myself to create, and it’s definitely more constructive to spend my energy on this at the moment rather than, maybe, having to think for two. I don’t need a baby, I’ll want a man. I’m tired of those men-child. Anyway, bitches they come, they go, you know.


If you didn’t pursue as a producer/musician, which other career path do you think you would have appreciated? What did you want to be when you were younger?
I wanted to be an archaeologist so bad, that was the first thing I wanted to be, then a veterinary, then I wanted to be a plane pilot, then I grew up and things changed slightly, I guess. I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t making music today, really. Probably going back to my parents, start study again and .. ok I started to make a kind of joke but I don’t know where this is going, I lost it, and I can’t be bothered anyway so let’s just say that I don’t know what I would be doing.

One years time, where do you wanna be? What’s next for Coucou Chloe?
In one year time, so 9th July 2019, I’ll be standing on a car drinking amazing fresh fruit juices, performing my next release surrounded by people who will be singing along with me and we all will be happy to be here. I want the music to come out of the amazing sound system of the car, obviously. Let’s not forget a green neon light under this same car. I’ll be busy composing the soundtrack for the next Louis Vuitton show. But at the moment, I’m still working on my next release. But that’s my mood today, though. And I’ll be sponsored by Osiris.


photography PEDRO FERREIRA
styling LEE TRIGG


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