Daisy Maybe

Daisy Maybe

Daisy Maybe is the singer-songwriter who is about to take over your winter nights and rainy Ubers with her debut single, ‘Riverbed’, a nostalgic anthem of all our once-upon-a-time infatuations.

‘Riverbed’ launches as the first of Daisy Maybe’s long-awaited EP, and firmly cements her as an artist with a lot more to give, share, donate to all of our playlists.

Growing up all over London, Daisy is no stranger to the city - her music is testament to her life, a soundtrack of wandering and gallivanting.

The artist/model/DJ has just walked for Dolce & Gabbana SS19, but Daisy Maybe is very much the self-proclaimed glam Hagrid; you’ll rarely find her without her trademark red lippy, whilst probably defrosting her spag bol in the studio.

A brief Wikipedia entry: Daisy spent her childhood avidly collecting crystals and Pokémon cards, her super talent - she can fit her whole fist in her mouth, her icon in life is Antonio Banderas, and the motto she goes by - ‘HAVE FUN!’ She is still currently in the process of adult-ing.

Daisy Maybe leads her life with caps lock firmly ON. She doesn’t define herself to fit into a sub-category – put simply, her music is here and created from and for her loves. Electronic, soulful, authoritative, delicate – ‘Riverbed’ is Daisy herself – mystifying and just a bit peculiar.

She is the friendly spammer, endearing and erratic, crazy and cute – and her EP is sure to be an anything goes crafted-with-care melody that distinguishes Daisy Maybe as a voice and not just a pretty face.

Who is Daisy Maybe in 3 words?
Anything You Want.

What do you do - how would you define your JOB?
Artist and Keanu Reeves fan.

You’re known for being the face of Skepta’s Mains collection, you’ve been shot by Kendall Jenner for the cover of LOVE magazine, and walked many many times being your general muse-y self for Dolce & Gabanna… – how do you feel that the fashion industry’s helped or hindered you?
Basically, I only ever got booked for modelling jobs through music, I look like an awkward boy.

So, when did you decide to get into music? What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I always wanted to make music. As a kid I wanted to be an adult, but I realised it’ll never happen. 

You made a track last year, ‘Protect your Heart’ featuring Crave Moore, the video was directed by Jim Longden. Was that the start of your venture into music?
That was the first music video I made, and Jim’s first too. Jim’s one young Tarantino in the making so it was a pleasure working not only with someone with such a progressive and unique vision, but someone I call my brother. 

What was the inspiration behind your debut single ‘Riverbed’? The lyrics ‘seeing is believing, believing ain’t the truth, your energy is your proof’ - what do they mean to you?
That is actually really literal. You can believe something but it doesn’t make it real, but your energy/how you act is the signifier of the reality.

You’re DaisyMaybeFake URL – what energy do you live by, what’s real to you?
I live by people that put official or real in their Insta’s.

So, ‘Riverbed’ features the rapper, Jeshi, his lyrical one-liners complimenting your own more delicate flow - how has it been working with him?
Jeshi is actually my cousin and I love him and respect his work greatly. His company is always welcome; he makes the world more fun. 

And how would you define your music – does it fit into a genre, or is it a mashup of different influences?
Yeah, I would say my sound is more of a mash up of a bunch of things. An amalgamation from things sonically akin to the whale song or old soul mixed with the sounds of a spaceship in 3045.

Who are your long-time musical influences? 
There are so many. Etta James, Donny Hathaway, Portishead, Massive Attack. John Maus. Ian Curtis. Aaliyah. James Blake. Damon Albarn. 

Who are you currently obsessed with?
Kiran Kai. I love him even though I think his sole purpose in life is to troll me. 

How do you go about making your music – what’s the process in the studio? The EP has actually been produced by Kiran Kai and Wilhelm – how has it been working with them?
I write all of my music and for this project the majority of production has been Kiran and I. Even though I often fantasise about shaking him really hard, he is the best. Between him and Wilhelm and I my EP was made, I love them both very much.

What do you prefer - DJing or creating your own music?
They are so different. I find making music very therapeutic, the studio is my therapist, and djing is more of a party vibe. 

Is styling a big part of Daisy Maybe – do you have a persona you go by, or is music and your performance the real you?
My music is definitely the real me, it’s quite daunting how much of my personal life goes in there.

Your full EP will be dropping this November - what’s the vibe of it for a Daisy Maybe newbie?
If someone was to listen right now and I had to describe the sound in 3 words I would say, ‘Fucking-In-Space’.

We’re excited for your collabs with your friends - with Skepta on the single, ‘The Answer’ and your feature of model Iris Law in the video for ‘Iris’ – it must be wicked to work with your family creatively.
I feel very fortunate that those people are called my family and are so talented and beautiful. Iris was a perfect fit for the song, for obvious reasons, but Jyrrel who is making the Iris video, has left me in awe, one to watch, a very talented boy. 

And personally what’s your fav track - best describes you/ your current situation in life?
It changes aaaaaaaaaall the time. I’ve honestly listened to these 7 songs 9 billion times. Right now my favourite is ’Stop’ which is the last track I made because as you said, it’s the most fitting to my life right now. 

Now moving on to more pressing matters, if you had to choose…
…an animal?
Sloth – sloth is me basically
…an accessory?
sunglasses - always have at least two pairs for safety 
…a city?
London -  its home
…a place?
space – I like floating around
…a bev?
spiced rum – I like being pirate
a dish?
bacon -  I just love bacon so much


courtesy DAISY MAYBE


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