El Fuego

El Fuego

turtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWNtrousers VINTAGE. trench YVES SAINT LAURENTsafety zipper trousersDUNLOPboots DR MARTENS

A story about modern platonic love, El Fuego was shot using the same set for the song “Solo non lo dire” ("just don't say it") by Italian musician Vins. The figures are shown playfully living out their ideals of liberation and self expression, setting the world ablaze with their youthful energy and rigour.

sunglasses H&Mturtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWN


trousersVINTAGEsocks LONSDALEankle boot NEWROCK


faux fur jacket LUANAturtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWN. net crop top PUREshirt UNIVERSE


net crop top PUREsnake print trousers STYLIST’S OWNankle boots VINTAGE. turtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWNtrousers VINTAGE


turtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWNtrousers VINTAGE


contact lenses KAWAEYESturtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWN


sunglasses H&Mcontact lenses KAWAEYESturtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWNtrousers VINTAGE


sunglassesSTYLIST’S OWNnet crop top PUREshirt UNIVERSEleather beltVINTAGEsnake print trousers STYLIST’S OWNsocks LONSDALEankle boots VINTAGE. shirt THORMXoverallsSTYLIST’S OWNshoes NIKE. turtleneck shirt STYLIST’S OWNtrousers VINTAGE. sunglasses WISHnet tank top INTIMISSIMIbelt VINTAGEleather trousers CONBIPEL


sunglassesSTYLIST’S OWNcrop top PUREsoccer ball NIKE


camo jacket VINTAGE


direction, styling, hair, makeup BY THE TEAM


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Jesse Jo Stark

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