Grear Patterson

Grear Patterson

Quiet Corner, 2010

Starting June 24th and on run until July 23, 2016, Marlborough Contemporary in London presents Grear Patterson’s solo exhibition, “True Romance”. The name is derived from the Tony Scott-directed 90’s cult film and the exhibit includes both visual and auditory recreations from the film as well as other works. Patterson’s works in the exhibition are inspired by the momentary of a sunset—the simultaneity of a conclusion and a genesis. Many of Patterson’s works deal with conceptualizations of the sentimentality associated with childhood.

Blue Bronx, 2010

Odyssey, 2008

Campbell Lane, 2010

Beachstrollers, 2008

Sliding Forever, 2012

Walt Wing, 2014

Mountain Lion, 2012

Moonrise, 2016

The American artist was born in 1988 in Redding, Connecticut and went to Duke University and the School of the Visual Arts in New York. In 2009, Patterson joined the Still House Group and he currently lives and works in the Bronx in New York.


Images Courtesy of the Artist and Marlborough Contemporary, London

''Grear Patterson: True Romance'' 
24 June 2016 - 23 July 2016
Marlborough London



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