James Casebere

James Casebere

Sea of Ice, 2014, digital fine art pigment print, 95.9 x 126.4 cm (print)

The Lisson Gallery in Milan has a reputation for exhibiting pioneering artists. James Casebere is the next in a long line of reputable image-makers whose work has been shown at the Lisson. Casebere’s current exhibition runs until Mid January where over twenty prints of his photographic work are shown.

Dusk on Exeter Road, 2013, fine art pigment print, Print: 76.2 x 115.6 cm, Framed: 81.9 x 121.3 cm

A series of untitled images are reminiscent of scientific anatomical plant based photography, the stark white backdrop of snow highlights the detail of intricate and delicate plants and flowers. Focusing on the forms and silhouettes created by the flora and fauna; simply by nature the soft curves of flowers are contrasted with sharp lines of stalks. Casebere explores this natural contrast through these simple yet effective depictions of nature.

Cloudy/Sunny Skies, 2013, digital archival inkjet print, Print: 76.2 x 62.2 cm, Framed: 79.4 x 66 x 5.1 cm

Juxtaposed alongside these images are a series of cookie-cutter perfect houses and landscapes. Casebere has constructed and photographed miniature models in his studio for many years; the scenes are largely built and lit to create the perfect landscape. The cinematic nature of the photographers work alludes to an almost unfinished narrative, as if an untold story is about to unfold from the miniature houses and the people within them.

Untitled 5, 2014, digital fine art pigment print, Framed dims. 109.22 x 83.82 x 3.49 cm, Image dims. 85.6 x 61 cm

Untitled 8, 2014, digital fine art pigment print, Framed dims. 109.22 x 83.82 x 3.49 cm, Image dims. 85.6 x 61 cm

Casebere’s accomplished techniques define his work as unique, taking evident inspiration from day-to-day nature. Exploring different themes within his work from highlighting current environmental issues to depictions of suburban scenes, Casebere depicts the human habitat with an incredible attention to detail.

Party at Caffey's Inlet Lifesaving Station (Dare County, NC), 2013, archival pigment print, 76.2 x 97.79 cm


Text by Harriet Welch

Courtesy of the Artist
James Casebere

Courtesy of the gallery
Lisson Gallery
November 26 - January 15, 2016



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