Julian Master

Julian Master

What was the name of the show you attended for this series?
I attended The Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Was this your first dog show? 
This was my first dog show so I was excited. The dogs all looked great - I didn’t touch any of the dogs though because I didn’t want the owners to get mad at me. A lot of other people were petting them, but I was weary about throwing any of the dogs off their game before the show. 


Did it smell like dog? Was it loud? 
Backstage it smelled heavily like shampoo. Every dog was getting washed and dried. Also they had trashcans full of dog poop and wood chips. The wood chips masked the dog poop nicely. 

It was a little loud at certain points. Fox News bought the rights to cover the event and all of their crew members were screaming at each other (and at the dogs). At one point, I thought one of them was looking at me weird, but then I realized that I had met the sound guy before! We said hi to each other but he had to keep monitoring the sound for Fox News so our conversation was very short.


Were people generally stressed out and huffy-puffy or were they receptive to you?
In general, people didn’t seem to notice me. Sometimes, if they did notice me, they would smile. One person asked me who I was photographing for. I had borrowed a press pass from my friend so I said “Oh just getting some photos of the dogs”. 


Do you have a favorite dog from that day? A favorite person? A favorite dog/person combo?
There were a few dogs that looked like little rats because of the way their fur was shaved very close to their skin. I liked those dogs. 

There was this one guy who seemed to be around 7 ft tall. He towered over everybody and had a very small dog that he held up high. Everybody could see the guy and the dog very well. Backstage it was crowded in certain places so there wasn’t much to look at except for him while I was waiting to get through. I tried to take a photo of the guy to show how tall he was but in the photo he just looked normal height. 


Is it true? Do humans and their dogs always look alike?
Dogs’ faces are very expressive. I think it is true that dogs and their owners look similar—especially at this dog show because the dogs and their owners are wearing matching outfits. 


What was the best fashion outfit or just outfit you saw that day?
There was this raver lady walking around with a chihuahua. She had multi colored dreads and glow sticks hanging from her shirt and wrists. I wasn’t sure if she was apart of the show because she didn’t have a booth. Looked like she was was there as a publicity stunt. Not sure what was going on there.

Do you have a dog? Any other pets?
I had a few family dogs growing up in Oregon, but now living in New York I have no dog. There was a cat living here for awhile but he had to move out because he scratched my roommate really bad and my roommate had to go to urgent care!

Which do you prefer: Humans or Dogs
Dogs or humans? Humans or dogs? What’s the difference? I mean humans are humans…I probably will go with humans. But dogs are cute. It’s a trade off. I think humans are better than dogs, but I like dogs too so it’s hard to say. 


Images courtesy of JULIAN MASTER


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