Lila Gold

Lila Gold

She is poetic and sincere. She is hard to forget, thoughtful and endearing. Her newest song “Loveless” is exactly all of those things too. Lila Gold. Find out who she is.

What do you miss about Australia when you are in NY?
The humidity and tropic-like, wild energy Australia has. And salty skin from the ocean. Also my sweet and crazy family.

What do you miss about New York when you are in Australia?
Speed. The speed and pace of everything in New York. The spontaneous nature and
culture of the living and bleeding city. The commotion is comforting to me. I adore playing in the streets till late.


Where did you record your newest song Loveless and how may times do you reckon you've sung that song?
I wrote Loveless in LA and finished recording it in Australia. I’m serenading myself and romanticizing loneliness...I've never sung it enough, it feels different every time its played.

What is the most conducive set up, environment or time for you to write lyrics and music?
If my constant chaotic mind shines a little light there's a sweet disposition either in dullest moments or when I'm just full force manifesting something. I'll start off with a melody in my head and then grab lines or words from scrapes of paper or gobbely goop I've written in my iPhone.


Did you listen to a lot of music in your childhood? What kind?
Always. I identify everything with sounds and those sounds have colors and textures. N.E.R.D was a huge influence for me…Prince, Elliott Smith (blame my parents, I was probably the only 8 year old listening to him!) The Cure is timeless and relevant to my childhood…to my life now too. Tupac, Wu-Tang Clan, J-Dilla...All the Hip Hop from my older brother and Dad. Nothing was off limits in our house. 

Do you listen to a lot of music now? What kind?
I actually listen to a lot of stuff repeatedly. Everything and anything, but I have a particular edge of reason as to why. Still, a lot of Elliott Smith, Grimes, Young Thug, My Bloody Valentine...Joy Division, Lil’ Peep, The Smiths.


If you had to pick: Michael Jackson or Sade

If you had to pick: Chinese Food or Pizza
Chinese Food, the medicinal and magic kind. And especially the restaurant “Mission Chinese” here in NY. It’s godly and fun. 

What was the first song or album you ever bought?
N.E.R.D's album "In search of" in 2002 was the first album I owned myself...the first CD I had all to myself. It was pure magic to me, because it was a hybrid of Rock N Roll and Hip Hop.

How do you let off steam?
Often I'm escaping and letting off steam, my music is escapism. My sound is a fantasy where everything is hyperreal and emotions are free roaming fire balls.

When and where can we find your music and when will you tour?
Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music... Any streaming service. Very Soon! I’m sharpening my teeth to go out on tour later this year.

Just here making stuff....💫

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