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Manufactoriel is a research platform dedicated to contemporary African and Black visual culture, art, and style. The multidisciplinary platform was created in 2010 on Tumblr and includes a manifesto exploring the philosophical, poeitic (which comes from the greek poein which means to make, create) and aesthetic foundation of Manufactoriel.

Sacavula, Angola 1967

Deborah Metsch

Moshekwa Langa

Kerry James Marshall

Le prix de la liberté (1978) directed by Jean Pierre Dikongué-Pipa

Best of ambassadeur (1982) artwork by A.J Bernard

Bobson photography studio


Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jacob Nzudié

Petit a petit (1971) directed by Jean Rouch

Self-portrait (1999) by Samuel Fosso

Juergen Teller for Duro Olowu

Gaoussou Berthe

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Stephen Johnson

John Kiyaya

Bandele "Tex" Ajetunmobi

Boniface Wandera

Gwendolyn Knight

Joseph Ouedrago

It was birthed out of founder Tounzi’s identity crisis, “laying on my bed with DVDs of African films, head full of issues.” Currently based in Paris, the founder was in Hypokhâgne /Khâgne before studying political science. Manufactoriel is collaborating with Coeval to showcase contemporary African art culture and figures, highlighting the vast diversity and complexity of African and Black art.



Visual research MANUFACTORIEL


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