Seung Jin Yang

Seung Jin Yang


Seungjin Yang, a Seoul based artist who graduated in metal art & design from Hongik University in 2013 wanted to explore something unexpected, with using a material that is more fragile than stable. That’s when he started to change working with ballon instead of metal. He created the collection „blowing series“, a work based on balloons, to produce solid crafts. Starting from chairs, he experienced more and more playful colors and forms in his latest series. His challenge in using this material?! The balloon as a material is easy to manipulate through the volume while it brings unexpectedness with it. Check out our short interview with the Seoul based Artist below:


Your life in 3 words? 
Work, Leisure, People.

Starting the story with a single sketch. When did your passion begin and who influenced you to find your own style?
When I want to work in my head, I have a passion for work. There are a lot of people around me doing the same thing. I am influenced by them, working and playing with them.


Your art is based on using fragile materials, balloons. How did you explore this material for your art? 
I made a lot of attempts to use my material. I tried to understand the material while experiencing a lot of trial and error. Through such experience, more and more stable forms emerged.


How often do you hear the question if those chairs are real or just balloons? 
Countless times.

Can you tell us how long it takes to finish one of your chairs? 
2 weeks.

You are living in Seoul, a vibrant city that has a strong gallery culture, who is also known for supporting local talents. Was it a hard way for you to get acknowledgment there? 
Korean galleries, museums, and government agencies seem to lack support for emerging artist.


Next to chairs, do you already have other furniture pieces in mind? 
In addition to the chairs and lights I have made so far, I can also make tables, mirrors, and mobiles.

"The blowing series" is now exhibited in cities like Milan, Dubai, etc. What would be your dream place to exhibit?
This time, I exhibited it through my representative gallery in New York and LA. I want to do a solo show in New York.


Could you have ever imagined that someone will put your art pieces on a house wall? 
I just wanted to try out a fun new installation.

What do you want your audience to feel when they look at your art? 
I want to show a form they have not seen yet. So when they see my work, I want them to feel new form.






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