Silvio Cocacola

Silvio Cocacola


Mixing genres, references and sounds come very naturally to him - as does mixing up identities. Silvio is a reggaeton fly boy who likes hedonism and the high life, and his mixes and music. Egon is an artist who follows his fascinations - from ancient Egypt to Versailles - and fuses them in beautifully creates electronic tracks, DJ sets and online mixtapes. He works regularly making the music for artist Claudia Comte’s installations, is the face of the new Hugo Boss campaign, and is letting the spectacular opportunities of life lead him where he goes.


What first attracted you to having an alter ego?
Playing with the choice of being and doing any thing I want to be or want to do.


Tell me about DJing classical music?
That’s a Silvio thing that started in January, while working on a fashion film for Jonas Lindström. It was a portrayal of the times we living in, so I went theatre score on it. The film was about irony, so I wrote a violin piece playing in the rhythm of saying ha-ha-ha-ha - like each ha being a string hit... But they wanted something more trap oriented in the end. (

Somehow I started imagining people partying to classical music, as if they were listening to trap - like they used to at Versailles right? I started having fun with royals all a sudden. I arranged a classical mixtape as if I was in charge for the line up at the opening ceremony at the palace Versailles. Shakespeare, Paco de Lucia, Bach, the real OGs right there. Silvio played the harp at the intro. OMG the imagination is endless once you open your eyes. Versailles history of mistresses, politics, fashion, music, influencer lifestyle #relate. (

Suddenly I started seeing it everywhere. Little signs, reminding me of the invisible luxuries all around me. Rich by nature mood. On top of that the shows I got booked to somehow were related too. I played at a venue called Prince Charles in Berlin, I was invited to perform at Claudia Comte’s performance at Villa Wenkenhof in Switzerland, a villa with a garden build after the plans of Versailles. I was then invited to Francesca von Habsburg’s birthday party. The power of now is real.


Where is Silvio from?
9020 Carinthia, Austria.

What is a typical day in the life of Silvio?
Starts with saying, is pretty good.


How would you describe Silvio's music?

What inspires you?


Love seems to be central to your songs and edits. What are the differences between Silvio and Egon?
Egon cares, Silvio doesn’t.


Tell me about the Hugo Boss connection?
So Silvio is now a DJ slash Model thanks to Hugo. The campaign is coming out soon. We shot the Fall Winter campaign earlier this year with Collier Schorr, and Vanessa Reid did the styling. I’ve never been part of anything like this before. They had a portable office that looked like the James Bond HQ, maps, computer walkie-talkies... It was so good. I got treated like a queen for a day. I loved it. There was a person with a massive blow dryer keeping me warm, while shooting outside. I will never forget this. I also gave my first ever interview in front of a camera. Be sure to catch my message to the world.


What is your message to the world?
Thanks for having me!!


photography PAUL FERNS
styling LIFE



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