Singular Appetites

Singular Appetites

Mizz Feathers

Hi Mizz Feathers! Can you introduce yourself?
Sure! Hi, I’m Becky Feathers and I’m a professional secretary at the local elementary school here in Tapoga Springs.

What’s it like working here?
I’ll tell you what. It’s a LOT of work. Every day I’m sorting, organizing, communicating, scheduling, and talking. 

Were you surprised when Skittles asked you to do a commercial for them? 
Absolutely. But honestly, I think it’s really flattering. 
Anybody who knows me knows I’m just crippled for Skittles!

Are you local to Tapoga Springs?
You know what? I actually just moved here a few months ago.
I used to live cross state over in Shellborn Hills.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Seriously? On a beach with a good optical illusions book and a cocktail.


Lizzie Smalls

Hey Lizzie, Tell us a little about yourself!
WASSUP! My name’s Lizzie Smalls and you can pretty much find me chillin’ under this bridge most of the time.

Where did you grow up?
Right here under this bridge.

That’s crazy, how often do you travel?
Nah dude I don’t really go out. 
It stays super wet down here so it’s all good.

How did you get involved with Mountain Dew?
I remember seeing my dad molt for the first time after he drank like a giant bottle of Dew on like this super dank creek bed and I’ve been pretty much all about it ever since.

Threes Company-556.jpg

What’s do you think is the most overlooked part of being a lizard?
Chicks dig lizards, haha. It’s pretty sick.

What’s a day in the life look like to you?
Oh dude. Usually my cousin will drop off like a bag of Dew off the bridge.
Sometimes I’ll eat bugs or do graffiti.


Yanni Walker

Hi Yanni, tell us about yourself!
Of course, hello. Thank you. 
What would you like to know?

Perhaps you can tell us about your current interests.
I love currents. Time is the current in the river of life. 

Where do you spend your free time?
Natural environments.

Is it true that Butterfinger helps you with your arthritis?
I really wouldn’t eat them otherwise.  
I don’t have a sweet tooth and I don’t like they way they taste.

Tell us about the hill in the video.
That’s Fuade Park. 
It’s a healing space where I practice gravity therapy.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
I wish other people wouldn’t project their negativity onto me.


photographer, director and editor STIAN RASMUSSEN
special effects, make up/prosthetics artist JORDAN PLATH
camera assist JOHN LAWSON


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