Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life


In searching for these elements I realized what an important influence the Spice Girls varied aesthetics are on Instagram fashion today!! There’s something for everyone, and half of these looks don’t even feel like costumes to me. 


As a blonde child Baby was always my favorite. Her sexy but cute Sanrio Lolita vibe is a look I continually reference. (I am continually surprised what a head turner a pair of pigtails are.) I amped up the pieces here from the basic cotton mini to a babydoll chemise and my favorite Pleaser boots instead of white knee high socks, but you get the idea!


Ginger always had the most fun! She wasn’t tied down to a look as heavily as the others, but she loves a bustier. I went with the classic union jack reference to get the point across! I personally own these boots and they are extremely comfortable!


This outfit is so Fashion Nova and I love it! Posh maintained a very chic 90s minimal look and it’s fun to translate that to contemporary club wear. This isn’t exactly the “little Gucci dress” but I think it would be extremely flattering so it gets my vote.


I absolutely love this 3 piece chap set and anyone who wants to wear it. Unfortunately the cowboy hat is not included. Scary loved a cut out moment, and leopard is timeless! The coat is a great option for those who endure cold weather.


This outfit just invited me to their DJ set and pop up vintage sale! Sporty was always underrated and her style has become a staple aesthetic in the past year for boys and girls alike. Draw on a tribal arm tattoo with a high ponytail and the look is complete.




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