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Essential Items

Items you should add in your wardrobe immediately to make your look contemporary and cool. It will give a touch of ultra freshness to your look and do not worry about what to wear anymore. Get one of it now!

The Grass Isn't Greener

Efie and Asbjorn are lensed in a melancholic story inspired by the South Korean duo "Akdong Musician" who grew up on the countryside in Mongolia. The usage of soft lighting and natural colours match the pure and fresh combination of chromatics.

Gucci SS17

From what seemed to be a 70's disco club emerged in red dimmed lights, transformed into an almost spiritual vintage story of velvets, prescious flower embroderies and princess silhouettes worn together with macro shaded glasses. Alessandro Michele made the flowers whisper.


Lara is wearing playful layers of textures and prints in deep colours which transform the set into a romantic and cinematic atmosphere. Let the show begin!