Windows 95 Man

Windows 95 Man


Need a little kick in the pants? A little pep in your step? Do ya wanna dance? Even if you answered “no” to all of those questions, this fun loving DJ is one you might want to follow. Fully equipped with a positivity, good energy and mad beats, he plays at the best dance parties…. all while wearing a uniform complete with jorts. What’s not to love?


What is your real name?
My name is Teemu Keisteri.

Where are you from, where are you based and where do you play?
I'm From Espoo and Living now Helsinki, Finland. I mostly play Helsinki and Finland but also sometimes in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and of course Japan!

You are a dj with a uniform. Tell us about the uniform. Does it come in handy? Do you have a seasonal variety? Are you that mad about windows?
My uniform is handy and easy to carry because it is so tiny. I wear it all year even though it is not really suitable for all seasons, but I’m from Finland so I can handle the cold. I love windows95 it’s so cool and fun.

Your sets look fun - I saw a post where two angels danced to a mix up of this a good example of a typical night when you play?
Thats good example of typical windows95man night, however, I don’t always have male angel pre dancers so it was bit more special!

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Have you ever taken a private jet? Did you wear your cut offs? Do you always wear cut offs?
I have because I djed a private plane for a company party winter in 2016! That was best gig ever! My music was played from the aeroplane main sound system and the flight attendants were turning the plane lights on and off (like imitating strobe lights)! And yes, I always wear cut offs!!

If you had to describe your dj style using only 5 words or less:
Why not! No rules! No taboos! Ridiculous! Fun!


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