Yoyo Nasty

Yoyo Nasty

Yoyo Nasty is an artist and model working on a new book project. She talks about the pros and cons of Instagram and how she have learnt to dodge the nipple restriction. And yes, her prints would be a prefect match with Prada.


What has been on your mind lately?
I’m currently working on a really fun and big personal project. I’m making sort of a fact book about animals feelings, also with some fiction and a contemporary cowboy. :)  I’m really excited about it so that’s on my mind a lot. I wanted to make a book for a while, and I now get to spend a lot of my time drawing, which is such a luxury.


If your art were a dessert, what kind would it be?
Definitely a big gingerbread house with lots of details, kinda weird but sweet and cute at the same time.


Have any social media ever stopped you from posting what you want? If so, why?
Instagram has removed some of my videos and photos where my nipples show. So now I always edit out the nipples. Kinda starting to like my nipplefree look actually. It looks so weird and alienated.


What do you think of Instagram actually?
Of course what you just mentioned is a big problem but besides from that I love Instagram to be honest. It’s a worldwide community where I have found so many inspiring friends. It has been an important platform for me to both explore and exhibit my work. I don’t have an agent so its also where I get most of my jobs.


Any collaborations ideas that you wish to do, form the top of your mind?
I really like Gypsy Sport so would love to collab with them somehow. I dream about designing prints for Prada, I think we would make a great match. I would also like to do more modelling because I really enjoy that actually!


Your guilty pleasures?
I love watching Friends, feel pretty guilty about that. For a snack I eat nutritional yeast with a spoon straight from the carton, nasty but yummy.


courtesy YOYO NASTY


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