Ilja Karilampi

With a mix of media, Swedish artist Ilja Karilampi confronts us with societal inevitabilities like mass consumerism, parading —almost sarcastically— the end of it all.


Inspired by Rory Parnell Mooney’s spring collection and the fluidity present in the designs. Capturing the man’s instinctive and natural movement as he explores his surroundings. The different textures transform while following the changing daylight. Organic elements and an earthy colour palette.

Louise Cehofski

Your eyes must do some raining if you're ever going to grow up is one advice Louise feels deeply connected to, as well as Johnny Depp and her dog's nails scraping the floor when he dreams in his sleep.

Julia Lind

Firing all the men in power all over the world is not everyone's ideal vacation but for Julia Lind the mass loss of powerful male species would be the absolute best vacation she can imagine.

Cluster Amaryllis

A restless soul covered in loose shapes and layered textures. Street wear mixed with leather and technical materials transforming into playful silhouettes while creating new volumes. A dark colour palette with a few elements of red, bottle green and tangerine.

Dora Diamant

Traveling between Tokyo and Paris is the norm for Dora Diamant, and partying while exploring both cities is just another typical day for the photography enthusiast.