Ludmilla Cerveny

Ludmilla Cerveny builds images. Not drawings, neither photographs, the artist plays with the vocabulary and the specificities of each technique to create her own formal and aesthetic language.

Johannes Vogl

Vogl’s works border on the brink of chaos, but hold us in a suspension of a specific moment that questions the temporality of this—is this the preliminary, the after, or are we in media res?

Louïs Rault Watanabe

Model and actor turned photographer Louis Rault’s ethereal work has marked him as a highly sought after photographer. The French-Japanese model’s first exhibition, entitled “Lambda Human,” was at the SO Gallery in Tokyo earlier this year. Rault is currently based in Paris.

Down The River

 'Down The River' is a cultural research project featuring the various cultures within 11 cities along the Volga River, flowing through central Russia from Moscow to Chistopol and back.

Alex Arauz

So, Alex, what's your story? My name's Alex Arauz, I'm 16 and I live and have grown up in NYC. I'm still in high school but besides that I do some assisting, modelling and spend time processing life with my friends!!

This Is Jane

We create the world we want. Located on the south coast of England, lies the world of an artist. An extension of Jane’s work as a painter, created by herself. This is the story about Jane.