Liya is a beautiful, affectionate and very thoughtful, almost insightful young girl. Funky glasses and a rosy glow aren't the only attractive attributes about Liya, she also possess' an interest for art, displayed thoroughly on her social media.

The Grass Isn't Greener

Efie and Asbjorn are lensed in a melancholic story inspired by the South Korean duo "Akdong Musician" who grew up on the countryside in Mongolia. The usage of soft lighting and natural colours match the pure and fresh combination of chromatics.

Anastasiia Chorna

Anastasiia Chorna’s 24/7 McDonald’s series came about when the photographer needed somewhere to be late at night and the fast food joint was the only place that was open all day and night. The particular location for her series was in New York’s Lower East Side.

Lulu Bonfils

In an era where social media is used as an harfmful weapon by some, others utilise new technology to define themselves in some way, and portray an amicable vision and message to the public. Lulu is the epitome of this positive usage of social media and find like-minded people on this platform.