Mario Merz

The movement took on a reduced form of art that favoured natural materials and style, a style that is prominent in Merz’s work when observing the various types of materials used to build his igloos. 

Damir Doma Fall 2017

The sparkling tones of rusty burnt orange in velvet textures were the most eye-capturing looks amongst Damir's monochrome and layered fall shapes. Punk-inspired pieces and oversized outerwear contrasted with kimono styling and fluid draping.

Neil Barrett Fall 2017

Neil Barrett mixed this season up with classic pinstripes, advanced tailor-made and knitwear pieces combining it with a lot of attitude by matching the outfits with leather mc-jackets and a very sparkling color palette of yellow, red and blue.

Carla Lara

Unafraid to speak her mind, Carla can be described as a valiant young girl living in America, trying to make ends meet. Regardless of this, she is clear and adamant about her thoughts and feelings and thoroughly outlines the struggles of being a minority in America.