Anton Schmidt

Where is your favourite location and why? My all time favourite location must be Pripyat even tho i have never been there. I remember i had a school project about it and i just love the atmosphere of the place.

August Alexander

What impact does fashion have in your life? Fashion does affect my life a bit. I think about what I wear. It's not that it means a lot to me, but I still like to wear clothes, that I think looks cool.

Kornelius Fuglem

What impact does the social network have on you? The social network has had a big impact on my life the last 8-9 months. Social networks and medias like Instagram work like a platform where I can reach out to people all over the world.

Lukas Hofmann

Artist/song you will never add to your playlist? Given the speed with which I am changing, just about anything could end up in it. I won't even mention what travesties I'm listening to at the moment lol.