Anna Zenkovich

Anna Zenkovich

"I’m Anna from Moscow (Russia). My nickname is Panda and I’m also a feminist and a body-positive person. I do a little bit of singing and drawing."

How does the internet work?

Sometimes I think how great the internet is. If you get famous online you have many abilities to start your own business or something like that. Or as for me the best way to use internet is to be an activist and to show something new to people (like the body-positive movement).

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

These little children in our school think I am a teacher and say “Good Morning” every time they see me (what they don't know is that I’m only 15 years old).

Can’t get enough of?

Chocolate! And I can’t live for more than five days without playing my ukulele.

What makes you wanna stay home? 

Firstly my laziness, although last autumn I had a depression and it was so awful, I didn’t want to go outside only because of my thoughts.

3 things you always pack when travelling?

My ukulele, lipstick and, of course, my sketchbook.


Images courtesy of Anna Zenkovich



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