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Preston Souza

Meet Preston Souza, the non-binary influencer championing gender-fluid fashion, and one of the original employees of the world’s first gender-free clothing store.

Fecal Matter

Uncensored, Fearless, Pure. They are everything you fear. While listening to their mantra “Provoke Society”, you will understand that it is all about stopping this world from being numb and frankly, boring.

Zachary Tye Richardson

His work, a personal protest!  Where there is flesh, there is malleability. When there is malleability, there is endless availability. How Zachary Type Richardson describes his performances?! A queer brown body: crystalized, alive, and jumping.


Flamboyantly wandering through the underground nightclub scene in Naples, Italy. Unintentionally inspiring new generations as a symbol of freedom. Meet lovable drag star ‘Dramna’, breaking down social conventions and more.

Marc Ranger

Who is Marc Ranger? He prefers not to answer the question. He lives outside the box and inside a creative world of his own that seems to produce artistic fruit in every area of his life. From an outsider’s perspective, he is an illustrator, photographer, creative conceptualist and personal branding extraordinaire… but see for yourself. 

Randy Gowon

Randy Gowon is a Nairobi- based model and style influencer, who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of self expression with the various visual projects he works on. He talks to us about being a rising star in the Kenyan fashion sphere, his growth and influences.

Madrona Redhawk

With a Vegas-fuelled potion for “a lust for life, an appreciation for glitz and glamor and a hyper-fixation on skylines”, Madrona Redhawk stipulates on the purity of art and subconscious thirsts.

Thomas Santos

He finds himself somewhere between a schoolboy and a spinster. He has an obsession for Chelsea Charm’s breasts and loves to buy clothes he’ll wear once. Meet Thomas Santos, a young Paris based stylist.

Patricia Rezai

Poetry is not dead. At least that is what Patricia thinks, as a writer of multiple poetic works that are now published in print. She shared her thoughts on the role of poetry in modern day expression and the digital age.

Mathilda Guve

Stockholm based designer, Mathilda Guve, shares her biggest inspirations and fantasies that influence her work, From her surrounding energies, to daydreaming of being a luxurious cabaret dancer, Mathilda has endless references behind her work and take on every day life.

Yana Bovenistier

From her signature mullet and bright orange sunglasses to cuffed over Uggs and tights as pants, 26-year-old Yana Bovenistier can truly pull off anything—and we know you’ll agree.

Rico Sanches

Meet Rico Sanches. Based in LA, he’s 24 years old, considers himself as an incredibly stylish model and create his style with his own tastes and own natural interests, not inspiring by special era or celebrity… that is make him completely original. He talks more about his experience as model and rare pieces he glad to have is in wardrobe.

Dusan Prekop

What if the process of making art was as captivating as the art itself? Check out Dušan's interview where he unpacks his creative process and shares his take on today's "selfie culture".