Ashley Renee

Ashley Renee


How would you describe your style?
My style is like a New Wave goth kid from the 80's mixed with one of those edgy yet glam Bratz Dolls from the early 2000's! Sometimes I'll actually google pictures of Bratz Dolls, my favorite being Jade, and try to find what they're wearing at thrift stores.


Who is your style icon and why?
My style icon is another Instagram personality who goes by the name of Toopoor! I love her because she focuses on taking things that might be perceived as cheap or trashy, and styles or alters them in a way that looks high fashion. Body positivity is another reason I like her style so much. She inspires me to be confident in my body no matter what I'm wearing! 


What's the one fashion item you nan't live without?
I can't live without my chokers! I even make some of my own because of how cute they are, I could never have enough! Sometime soon I hope to start a lil line of my own once I get a sewing machine! 


What is your biggest dream right now?
My biggest dream is to model. I'm only 18 so right now I'm focusing on going to work and school but eventually I would love to move out of Ohio and go to LA in hopes to find modelling opportunities! That seems to be where everyone makes it big, I just feel very stuck right now. I feel very in between my teen years and adulthood. I have an existential crisis once about every Saturday. 


What is the story behind your Instagram name?
My username is actually just two album names put together, Viva Hate and Bona Drag, both by my favorite singer Morrissey! Although I prefer him in the 80's when he sang in my favorite band The Smiths. They're a band that's helped me with a lot of different issues. Honestly music is my favorite thing in the entire world besides fashion. I tried to keep all the answers short and sweet even though I could go on for hours about this kind of stuff! It's always been a dream to be in a magazine and I can't thank you enough for this opportunity!


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