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First and foremost, what does "aevtar perform" mean to you, who aren't you, where do all these identities would never come from? 
aevtar perform is a combined pile of information in two words, just like the self is a pile of notions about self
aevtar perform simbolises and as exemplifies, as an online presence, the fact that we are all being aevtars to the self in our bodies per form and in performance
the body on earth as the thumbnail on diverse social media, the person we are to a sibling and the person we are to a family member or a co-worker, but most of all the mirroring of each other, we are aevtars also of each other in a mirroring process.

How does your daily routine look like? What's the barrier you're currently struggling most when inhabiting the physical world? 
Attachment and fear, they go hand in hand. We are constantly getting attached to someone, to a specific reality, a specific identity, and then we repress our flow of change by fear of loosing the surroundings that you are used to, the people around you leaving your side because you no longer vibe with them, life style change, identity change. In order to deprogram yourself, you must be willing to let go of all of the aspects you think you know about and are comfortable with, it’s like changing skin if you were a snake, but that skin is a whole layer of reality depending how deep you are willing to go. 

So my routine is always self scanning in presence, having a kind observant eye to myself. If I notice I’m repeating a certain pattern of behaviour I go in and check it is a beneficial pattern, if it’s useful, I check how it got there, whose idea was it and then proceed to break it and rebuild anew. This process takes courage so I have a phrase piece that was once done in neon and i also have it on a ring, it’s something I wish I’d see in every wall, on fridges and tattoos: "run naked with the wind dressed up in courage”. Always be willing to let go, be courageous and free spirited. let go is the motto..

What about the cyber space, how can one corrode the system straight out from one of its corrupting weapons? 
By constantly looking into our own dirt under the rug of the “self", scanning oneself for societal malware, deprogramming self from all of these automatic behaviours that either have been programmed into us without our knowledge simply via image codes in society, as well as all of trauma driven impulses. By becoming as unpredictable as human nature could and can be if it wasn’t for the social programming, or conditioning we end up being driven by. I believe we can use the data mining system to corrode it back. To operate like a virus ourselves. They are mining our data to sell us things, ideas, control, so we gotta keep fresh, always changing, always supple, always moving.

I've googled you're name and almost couldn't recognise the multiple personas of yours it had disposed me. What leads you to disfigure and refigure yourself so often? 
I just let the self be, I don’t wish to waste any energy at all trying to formalise a concise idea of myself in a  visible way. We are not objects tho this society would like us to be. We are always changing, the thing is that most ppl are afraid of change and keep working to repress their change. When you change inside it echoes to the outside, it echoes everywhere. Keeping a lid on oneself with all the inner changes is too exhausting, so i let expression run free, and I pattern break intentionally when i feel i’m attached to a particular vision of my physical aevtar expression.

I always think of this: every so many years, our actual physical body is already another body, and every few months, or years, depending of your work on yourself, you’ll be pretty much a new person. It’s ok to let the natural change that occurs in all beings to simply just be.

You're one of the most, literally, multifaceted alive artist I've been stalking and obsessed with lately. How do you like oversharing and what about overexposure? 
I see the oversharing as providing a mirror to self and other people, there we have the aevtar situation. I’m aware then when someone is observing me, judging, thinking about it, the actual process is not including me, I’m just a mirror in a way. By being whoever I’m being and however I’m being, that image, that behaviour is captured by someone else’s eyes on the black mirror of their smartphones. All of the judging, thinking, concluding, is happening in the viewers mind space, and I have no control over that, and i don’t want to have either. No matter what one does, what someone else thinks pertains only to the one doing the thinking. 

However tho, it’s important to take time off here and there, respecting your energy, but also keeping an eye, bc for example, the mind is tricky, you may feel like u need a break but you may just be afraid of exposure, or the other way around, like you may need to expose and fear non-exposure. The deal is to find the inner core, the balance of not running for anything or running away from anything in a meditative pulse so to say. Figure out how to tune yourself and act only from that point.

Do you feel weakened by any chance? 
Yes, when I go over the line, when I don’t respect what I’ve just mentioned in the answer above, of feeling the pulse, the movement of action. IT’s also important to recharge, to go to nature as much as possible.

Could you describe the difference between a systematic virus and a symptomatic malware?
A systematic virus is akin to a structural form of oppression. It’s deeply embedded in the system, like racism for example, it’s deeply embedded in the collective subconscious through hundreds of years of image production of racist tones and undertones by hegemonic media and power structures. Many people don’t believe themselves to be racist because they don’t see themselves fitting into the “aesthetic of” a racist, or because they may think they don’t actually hold those feelings, however, when triggered pictorially they reproduce racism immediately in an automatic behaviour, like a racist “joke", for example, which is no joke. This is why we need to be in self observation to our programming, specially language. There are so many racist  figures of expression in Brazilian language for example. We must remember to scan language, expressions, check what is their origin, it’s a good way to find systematic viruses. Our behaviours and language present the symptoms at all times, so check for them and they point u to the malware. 

What does nurture your creativity and flexibility? 
Silence, observation, zoning out, people watching in the way that it includes “me” observing that “me” observing others, including my feelings, any emotion. 

Above all, giving myself to nature is profoundly creative. Because going to a lake here in Berlin where I can just be naked, swim surrounded by trees, hang out with ducks and fishes, puts me in base level, with nature, accessing the *cloud in silence, as an unimportant “human”, as a biological antena, as a translator. Nature helps me silence up the mind. My mind is great for figuring stuff out but it also can be an incredible source of noise. It’d a hard drive that needs to defrag a lot in order to function well. 
Being in nature helps me defrag and reboot the aevtar whilst cleansing the software.

What would you be eating at this very day next year and what would you be still digesting from today? 
Is this metaphorical or literate? Either way, I can’t know much about the future because we are not there in linearity, but also in another way we are already there if we are to see this as a holographic slice sort of. Already that which i just said is in part what I’m digesting today. Over the weekend I had a profound insight about our approach to post-humanism in the sense that although we say post-human, we are still being anthropocentric. Posthumanism, transhumanism, is still dealing with the human, the cyborg aevtar as not being integrated with nature, it hasn’t realised that it’s all about blockchain in nature. That the knowledge is decentralised, that which we call the human consciousness is decentralised, even our so called “individual ideas”, these ideas are in the cloud. Even in factoring in the aevtar/cyborg body that we are, we are forgetting the tiny intelligence of our cells and the complex system that makes these aevtar/cyborgs replicate, self-sustain, etc. I’ll stop here because it’s a fresh insight, but nevertheless important. I believe my digestion now will be this, from this weekend, it seems like an enormous meal, so for sure I’ll digest for a while, maybe even a whole year.

trust me I'll get to the bottom of this

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Which word comes to mind when you think about time and social media? 
One being of many eyes in slices of understanding interacting with itself. It’s one user spread out through many aevtars per form.

If you could be somewhere right now, where would it be and why? 
I’d be right here, bc that’s where it’s at.

Any advice on deprogramming built in systems?
Strengthen yourself and be brave, be courageous, be unafraid of letting everything in your life transform, change, be humble, be supple, look into your own eyes in transparency willing to see all the crap that you have about yourself and deal with it kindly. We are all full of crap, full of viruses, full of crap behaviours, malware programs, just be real with yourself and others and let go, and of course, if you wanna know more, follow me or get in touch bc the reply to this question would be an actual book. 


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