Emma Alvin

Emma Alvin


As a lifelong admirer of Pippi Longstocking, Emma Alvin talks about her journey towards not caring about what people think and embracing becoming an “outbloomed diva”.


What’s been on your mind lately?
CREAM, escapism, political frustration and if I should become a second time fashion school drop out ☺


How would you define beauty? 


How has your sense of style evolved over the years?
My first icon in life was Pippi Longstocking, I was a very colourful and theatrical kid.☺ As I grew into a teenager my self-awareness got intense and crippled my spark. My biggest purpose became to be as close to the normative ideal of a pretty girl as possible. I replaced playing, singing and acting with time spent on padding my bra and crying over stupid boys and grades in subjects I was not even into. The last years I’ve been rehabilitating from this, dressing WILD, re-bonding with my inner Pippi Longstocking.


What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?
To tell people to listen carefully to what I had to say, because I was a hilarious genius. Also I would tell myself to buy that extreme dress and to talk louder than the boys in my class. 


Who would you like to be in 10 years?
An outbloomed DIVA.


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