Germes Gang

Germes Gang


If you like Family Guy or the Simpsons I think you’ll like the work of the group of artists that call themselves @germesgang. If you don’t like cartoons, I still think you’ll like their work. If you simply don’t like it at all, you are either 99 years old or a total bore.


Where do you live and what is it like there? 
We live in Lisbon, it’s pretty good at here. Warm.


How old are you and how old do you feel?
Our age is from 31 to 35. We feel like 12.


What tools and mediums do you use the most?
We use acrylic, spray, markers, felt pens and we often do digital pieces using ms paint or pro create.


What cartoons were your favorite as a kid? 
Ren and Stimpy.


What cartoons are your favorite now?
Ren and Stimpy.


What is your relationship with graffiti? 
We symphathize with graffiti.


Do you have tattoos?
Yes, on the chest, arms, legs, face, hands. No back tattoos.


What projects are you juggling at the moment? 
At the moment we have an exhibition at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg. This week we are having a performance/ book release at Stolen Books in Lisbon. And we are also working on some new work on canvas.


courtesy GERMES GANG


interview ASHLEY MUNNS

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