Rachel Lamot

Rachel Lamot

Rachel is not your average computer artist or cosmetics kinda girl. She created Future Faces which speaks to the lack of verbal communication in our tech driven society. She also dreams of the day she can directly apply a layer of flesh like polyurethane on your face.

You are based in Madrid, right? 
Yes, I live and work in Madrid - the city of nervous laughter and comedy. I believe that my work is currently the result of this city, where I live. Downtown Madrid (where I have my studio) is the mecca of the urban paradox…full of shops and people running nowhere holding machhiatos with their nicknames. 

Where do you travel for work or pleasure?
I travel frequently to Berlin for work and pleasure. I lived in Berlin for 6 years. While there I like going to flea markets or drinking beer under the sun (that week of the year when the sun shines)….and taking lentil soup with yogurt while singing a Grecas´s song like “Te estoy amando locamente” This translates to, “I am loving you madly”.


What do you wear on the plane?
I usually wear my carrot costume. It is not comfortable but the orange suits me well .

What is in your purse or pockets right now?
In my pockets I carry a piece of dry ham, three false eyelashes, the contract of an insurance policy and a small soft ball.


Tell us about Future Faces. What is it about and how did you achieve the final results?
Future faces is a way of conceiving facial anatomy. My facial retouches are the opposite of those made in cosmetic surgery operations: small mouth, thin lips, drooping and small eyes. These "new digital surgeries", are curiously like the attributes of mobile devices: small but efficient cameras and the reduction of the importance of verbal communication. To achieve these results, I use graphic materials for the selling of cosmetic products and then it’s all about retouching, retouching, retouching.


Is moldable skin a thing that exists in real life? Does it only live virtually?
Moldable skin belongs to the digital world and was originally it was a pair of ear plugs. Twisting the digital material is as fun as pressing silicone with your fingers. It gives me the same pleasure as bursting bubble wrap. I love watching videos of people who model all kinds of material. It is really hypnotic and why shouldn’t I feel pleasure as well?…Like those making those random changes with a mouse and software? I definately see moldable skin as a cosmetic solution. Moldable skin is a fake cosmetic product…a false promise of softness. I pictures all of those celebrities who dream of eternally young and smooth faces and I fantasize of directly placing pieces of fluffy flesh like polyurethane on their skin.


If you could choose scales, spikes, wings or fur for yourself?
Scales! And I would create a cosmetic line to convince you that my scales are really cool. Who can resist the charm of a reptilian woman?

Relax suite. Digital recreation. Spa installation. 


images courtesy of RACHEL LAMOT


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