Ghost I

Ghost I


The world of Ghost I, is one steeped in fairytales. It is dark, sensual, and cunning. His music videos make you feel like you’ve been languishing in bed all day in the arms of a magician. He is striving to reach humanity through the raw medium of his music, attempting to circumvent technology, often seeing through the eyes of a ghost.

Who is Ghost, I?
Ghost, I is aspects of my personality and my life pushed to extremes. I take notes, I document life with thoughts, words and sounds. I see myself as an impressionist painter. My aesthetic is dark, erotic and spiritual, my subjects are generational. I like literature a lot, and especially the world of fairy tales feels close to how I see and experience life. I feel like a ghost observing every situation of every life of every human being. I see emotions, understand them and curate them. I try to understand humanity, to help it by reconnecting humans on a soulful level, though my music. I think much has been lost through social media.

Why do you make music?
I make music because it makes me feel alive. I am number 11, the wounded healer. I try to heal others and by doing so I am healing myself.

What makes your music different from everything else out there?
I don’t simplify my message nor my art. I do not compose on a computer. I just take my guitar and sing, hopefully I remembered to turn the camera on before I entered a trance that lasts between 5 and 15 minutes of improvisation that will be the raw sketch of a new song that I will later on record and produce minimally. I try to stay as close as possible to the first draft that was made being in the zone. I like the rawness because it carries purity and truth.

How do you feel when you write a song?
I feel blessed.

Is fashion important to you?
Yes in terms of art and ways of self expression, no in terms of industry and branding. We try to make our own clothes as much as possible and avoid brands. I think wearing designer clothes is for insecure people. It takes away your realness and your money, if you ever had any in the first place.

Why Berlin?
It’s lit. Feels like home.

Are your lyrics anecdotal?
My lyrics are based on facts often expressed with images, which makes them more open to interpretation. I like when I can write about something very intense for me, when feelings like shame, sadness, rage, and love are involved and the right words are chosen to accurately express my emotion, I enter a universal realm. My truth connects with other people’s truth. 

Can you tell us the story behind The Tower?
The Tower symbolises the mind which one might get locked into. I got locked in my mind because of my traumas and it developed in me a sense for danger, violence and survival. This voice in my head pushed me to do things and become a person that I was not. I have had to fight against this voice in my head to learn how to live. The Tower is about that fight. Everybody has their own fight. I used the image of a fight in a relationship to symbolise that because I think it is very close to the nature of the relationship with your own mind.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Making music, releasing videos, being a dad, performing regularly, traveling a bit more, being rich (intellectually).

Imagine you have unlimited resources, what would you do?
Give every artist that I believe in the opportunity to fully execute their vision. I wish there was more brotherhood than competition.


courtesy GHOST, I


photography MAŠA STANIC


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