Lilith Levisis

Lilith Levisis


Why did you decide to start your Instagram account?
Just made it to see what friends where doing and then all of a sudden I got a lot of followers and made a lot of amazing friends. But I mostly want to use it to sell my art. I consider deleting it because I find myself spending too much time on my phone but I know it is my only platform to share my art etc.


How would you describe your aesthetic?
I don’t really know how to describe my aesthetic. I guess I would say that my vibe is the kinda bitch ud see hunched over in black hoodie in forrest late at night holding a blunt mixed with Harley Quinn holding a chainsaw.


What is your favourite horror film, and why?
House of 1000 corpses has been my favourite movie since I was in 3rd grade and I’ve watched countless times over and over. I love Rob Zombie, his films are everything to me. Also Texas Chainsaw Massacre because leather face is my everything and how Bob Jones would even find road kill off streets to make props with and the bone sofa is insane and so inspiring.


Who is your favourite film director?
Harmony Korine of course. The fact he plays Mortician, Bathory, Bethlehem, and all my favourite music that I’ve never ever heard in movies before. Also just everything about his movies is like nothing I’ve seen elsewhere.

What is your favourite way of spending your free time?
I make ritualistic oils and incenses, paint and make fake organs. I study herbs and dissect owl pellets for fun. Also I’m really into collecting bones, especially tiny ones. I love miniature things.


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