Industrial 100 BPM beats meet shattering sounds of contemporary software-based and pop-infused electronic music. The Milan based Producer likes to unveil the hybrid architecture of club music.


Talking digital sound explorations: I definitely see a dirty remix of gigi d’agostino’s bla bla and your Lento Violento. Imagine that for a second … hot or not?
Yeah definitely hot, I mean both Bla Bla Bla and Lento Violento were created by Gigi so it should work. There must be a Lento Violento remix of Bla Bla Bla somewhere on the internet.. or you can just put the Bla Bla Bla video on youtube at 0.75 speed.

What do you think of gigi d’agostino?
I like the fact that he’s super famous but at the same time he seems to be really shy so he makes it all about the music.

Is Giorgio Moroder a force to music to you? Who have been your early inspirations? And why?
I never really listened to Giorgio Moroder that much.. I used to listen to a lot of Daft Punk when I was younger, and if I remember correctly, they are musically influenced by him. So I guess he influenced my music indirectly. My early music inspirations are Linkin Park, An Café, Lady Gaga, Kap Bambino and Shiina Ringo.


Does Italo Sound has an impact on your music? Tell us a bit more about Lento Violento… 
Mmh yeah kind of. Sometimes I find myself listening to those 1 hour Italo Dance mixes on youtube. I love Brothers and Erika for example. 

Most of my tracks are usually around 100 bpm, so I decided to incorporate some Lento Violento sound in my productions and I guess my obsession with Lento Violento started from there. I think it was natural for me… Everybody here in Italy know sabout Lento Violento, so it was easy for me to link those hard/industrial sounds at a slow bpm with this genre.

What would be your dream instrument of the future? (A sitar incorporated in your brain or something like that for example …) 
I don’t know, you can do anything already with your PC. Sometimes I imagine how street musician will perform in 50 years. For example using their contact libraries of violins on their PC's instead of using a real instrument.


Where would you like to go in future with your digital sound exploration?
I want to start an online visual kei band.

Where does your name come from?
I was just eating a pear and “pear” in japanese is nashi. So I just added an h in between just to change the word a bit. I know, I’m really bad with names.


courtesy NAHSHI


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