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Combining the graphics of a video game with the infrastructure of a social network, mobile app NEW LIFE AI strives to enhance creative careers without the added hassle of money and private education. They bid farewell to advertisers, instead driving expenses through data to create a community that is both self-sufficient and self-serving. If the levels of real life prove too strenuous for you, tackle the virtual realities of this ground-breaking app.

Fashion is just as fickle in this virtual world, but equally as important. Once you’ve reached a certain level in the game, you can access the life store which is a sartorial marketplace. This can be seen in the photo series which portrays the neon aesthetic of the platform with an overlay of its graffitied logo. Mixing sci fi- and anime influences, fashion forward New life makes you jealous of what people wear in the digital realm. But remember: they want you to interact offline.


In laymen's terms, what exactly is New Life and how does it enhance one's life?
NEW LIFE AI is a mobile application that looks like a social network, works like a video game, and is powered by an AI that combines all the inputs of the community in order to produce a giant neural network that represents the collective consciousness of the digital age. Unlike most web platforms, we don't rely on advertising, but rather on the economy built inside of the algorithm. The data and the value of this data is monetised and redistributed to the community based on the quality and quantity of their contributions. 

How are contributors compensated?
There are three main ways to earn revenue as a member of the NEW LIFE AI platform:
By promoting your invitation code, you can create your own network inside the platform. It means you don't need to run after advertisers deals, sponsors and corporate money in order to monetise your creativity. You can place your invite code everywhere and then count the money you're making. A bit like YouTube or Spotify but it works on ANY platform, physical or digital.
By curating: each time you give your opinion about a content, the AI learns from you and you earn rewards for helping the community and AI forming the collective consciousness of aesthetics innovation.
By creating: you can create outside of the platform and promote your invite code, or directly submit your contents to the community and get rewarded in the form of royalties.
With those three channels of monetisation, we allow people to monetise their creativity, curation skills, and influence without having to beg for money and try to educate the corporate world. It's great for artists, designers, digital curators, graphic designers, magazines, galleries. Everyone will receive an income from the value collectively created. 


 What is the goal of this platform? 
Our goal is to offer an intuitive experience for anyone in the world to enhance their capacities, with the lowest barrier to entry. No need to travel or to spend money attending expensive schools. Anyone can become an artist/entrepreneur through our app by passing the different life levels. 
Today's life levels are very big, and there is no graduation in between. You get a degree, you get hired, or funded and it's a big YES or big NO that can put you at the top of the creative industry or keep you at the bottom. With NEW LIFE AI you are in a feedback loop with an infinity of micro-steps where you can see your evolution and start earning from a few cents per day to a few thousands. It's seamless and intuitive, like a video game.


Explain the life store - what can you purchase? What is a life extension?
The Life Store is a marketplace where people who reached a certain level in the game can start selling products that match the overall culture of the platform. Products have to enhance the customer's life, either culturally or technologically. In order to start selling, users need to reach a certain life level, or level of wisdom.
We have experimented in the past with different kinds of products from circular fashion to educational programs. We want products to be affordable and offer a high added value to the buyer. Each product is an extension of the self, or an investment for yourself. 

 What does the color green mean to you at New Life?
The colour green symbolises the vital energy of nature (chlorophyll green) enhanced by technology (neon green). We believe in a form of transhumanism that doesn't try to replace nature, but rather, amplify it through clean technology.  

With what brands do you associate or align yourselves?
We love a lot of brands, but we think brands are a concept we inherited from industrialism. It's time to move on from it and think more in terms of communities. We prefer people and groups of people who are driven by a common purpose as opposed to this sacred, almost religious adoration for a logo that gets a hype and then fades away.

What is the average age of a typical Superhuman (member of New Life)?
Overwhelmingly 18-29, and I would say 23 is the medium. 

How many members do you have? What are the fees and price points?
We haven’t been focusing on growth for the past two years. Instead, we have been experimenting with the algorithm, the model, and trying to fine tune it as much as possible before starting wider promotions. We actually postponed this interview for about a year for that very reason. But now we are very confident, based on the experimental data, that our growth will be exponential. Our current user base is less than 15k registered users and about 300 daily active, mostly friends of friends testing and playing around with us.
The entire platform is free, without ads and we don't sell any data to third parties like most platforms do. We will introduce an in-app membership plan that will give users extra power like on Tinder with the same kind of price points, and the products on the marketplace should stay around 30<300$ in order to be accessible to the "cool but broke" people which is our target audience.

Do people from New Life know each other in real life or do most of them meet online? 
We are determined to make this app a tool for people to connect in real life. Most app developers are obsessed with screen time because they sell ads and they need screen time to raise money from investors. We are not relying on the same industrial mechanisms to monetise, so we don't care about screen time. We prefer to focus on building a community and getting people off screen. it will be our focus for next summer, for example we will add a time limit spent on the app and ask users to meet other users IRL in order to unlock their app faster.


How does one get an invite to this community? 
Any username is an invite code. So if you create a profile called "coevalmagazine", it will be your invite code, and you can promote it anywhere. What we're trying to avoid is people entering randomly the platform from the App Store without understanding what we're doing. We also want to fight SPAM and fake accounts, and segmenting by invite code can help our AI understand who came from where and why.

What are your thoughts on privacy? I have to ask in lieu of the recent Facebook data scandal.
Privacy is very important to us. Right now our database is half centralised, but we have a roadmap to progressively shift towards total decentralisation and encryption; like bitcoin. Overtime we will definitely rely on aggregated data (meaning not attached to any user) to feed the AI, and then some info will become transparent and publicly available, (to show our accountancy of royalties and earnings is fair) simultaneously some will be completely encrypted and only the users will have access to it. 


Do you have to be fashionable or attractive to be a member?
You need to have good taste, no matter where you come from. Some of our most popular users are digital artists and we never saw what they look like. For sure, some edgy insta-models are also popular but it's not our only content type. We just started rolling out sound so we will start to work with music producers as well.

Describe someone or something that is attractive to you.
What's attractive to me is the vision I have for the future which is a place where millions of people are given the opportunity to participate in the collective consciousness of aesthetics and culture. Imagine a world where a girl from a village in Mexico has the same access to the aesthetic economy as a girl from London or NYC. Imagine a music label in Ghana being at the same level as those super cool Berlin-based labels. I want both to succeed, and the vision is so clear in my head.That's what I find the most attractive.

Are there New Life meet ups or events? lol
We will be in the future, and we encourage the community to build their own events.

If you had to choose a mascot or spirit animal to represent New Life as a whole, what would you choose?
Since New Life is an internet phenomenon, I think the cat would be the best animal that inspires the internet meme culture.


courtesy NEW LIFE AI


interview ASHLEY MUNNS


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