Next Town Down

Next Town Down


You could call Next Town Down a 21st century boy band. You could label the boys as an RnB group. But perhaps the best way to describe them is as five very talented singers who met through social media DMs and formed a super group of harmonies. Now based in LA, these five boys prove that Instagram gave have results that are more inspiring than a Kim Kardashian selfie.


Chris Louis
I’m Chris Louis. I’m just here to be the best entertainer, inspiration and young man I can be for myself & the world & my bros. My vibe is just that I’m a dude who has known that his purpose on this earth is to inspire people through my music and self-expression. My life starts and ends with shedding my light to pass on to others. 

I’m influenced by my family and friends & my city: Sarasota Florida. Frank Sinatra, Drake, D’Angelo, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Chris Brown, Partynextdoor... I’ve dropped my mic a couple times while on stage... nothing really funny or random happens to me on tour knock on wood. I slipped and fell in the snow in Iowa on the way to a show. I guess that counts. it was more thrilling than embarrassing.


Terence Thomas
My name is Terence Thomas (aka T). My role in the group is being the laughter and joy to the room. I’m also very spiritual, so anytime we are a little challenged I’m there to lighten the mood. My vibe is pretty laid back I can also be an uncle at times. I love to cook (BBQ) and pass my wisdom on to the guys. We all met on social media. Trevon, Chris, and myself met on Instagram. We later found Leon on YouTube playing in a Broadway play called “Motown The Musical”. Later we found Malik on a top voice blog site on Instagram. We blew up on Musically first. That was were we got our biggest fan based from. Later we started doing covers on YouTube in which some of the videos started to go viral. We are all musicians who bring such different sauces to the table. All of us play at least one instrument and can tap into any genre of music. Labelling ourselves is kinda hard - we can pretty much do anything and do it damn good.

Tre'Von Waters
I'm basically the Dad of the group, so the guys say lol. I guess my vibe is kind of chill. After me Chris and Terence became friends [through Instagram] we starting hanging out in Atlanta doing shows together and making music then the group thing just kind of happened. People started to ask if we were a group because we looked like one, so we took it and ran with it. We later went back on social media to find Leon and Malik and shortly after we moved out to LA to give it a shot with the 5 of us. Call it and R&B super group if you will. We're all lead singers and are equally as talanted. Period. Influences? Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, PnB Roc.


Malik Knighten
Wassup. I’m Malik. I’m 19. I’m an Aries, you already know and my role in the group if any is a free-spirit. Almost.100% of the time I’m going with the flow of whatever going on around me - chilled vibes. Tre found me on instagram and then i got flown out to LA and the first night I met all the guys and we sang together and  NTD. I was a pree big One D fan, so I understand the boyband thing is pree serious.. and the girls have my heart. My biggest influences in life and music are my dad, the biebs, breezy, the chef Curry, been on the juicewrld wave lately and probably all my boys back home.


Leon Outlaw Jr.
I’m Leon Outlaw Jr. I’m 17 and the youngest in the group. I try to bring as much energy and  excitement as much as possible in the group but I can also be chill a lot. The three oldest guys found me on YouTube doing a press event for a show I did when I was 12 on Broadway called Motown the Musical. I got to portray young Michael Jackson. We can cover pretty much any genre besides RnB as we did on youtube but we definitely pay a lot of respect to the RnB culture because that what most of us grew up on. music is also shifting so we’re trying to make it cool again as a group. While we’re traveling to our next destination we have many moments because we spend a lot of time with each other besides just on the stage. There isn’t one specific funny moment but we have many - and many to come




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