Colorful dogs and colorful clothes belong together, naturally…emphasis on the naturally. Audrey Louise Reynolds, the human model in Poodlecore, is the mastermind behind the fashion’s favorite natural, no-nonsense dye house, ALR. (Since the day I met her ten years ago, her fingers have been stained different colors from various vegetables, flowers and things like squid ink.) She also happens to be a certified dog lover, so it totally made sense that she and her photographer friend, Dustin Fenstermacher, go behind the scenes to bring us Poodlecore!


What was this show called and how did you get behind the scenes? How long were you there? On a scale of 1-10 tell me how happy did it make you?
Audrey: The press pass they gave me at the front door because I was shooting with Dustin. We were there all day from 11:00 a.m. until 6p.m. Then we hit cheese burgers in paradise for cheese gurgles, beer and a gym teacher making epic balloon animals. All around it was a great day.  On the happy scale my number shot way up to 8.75!


Are you a dog person on the daily? Do you have one? Do you want one? 
Dustin:  I grew up with dogs and was born into a household with two beagles. Prior to elementary school my family picked up a basset hound. It got to be so large that she was referred to by the neighbor kids as the dog with its legs cut off! Now, due to my hermit like behavior, I possess two felines. One does act like a dog. She stands on command and will sit if she chills a bit. A dog is in my future somewhere. A large one…one you can put a saddle on and utilize as transportation.


Where the dogs happy? Do they like being fussed over and groomed to the max?   
Audrey: The dogs were elated! They seemed to love the attention and to be very loved family members. This was in no way cruel and all the dye colors are veggie or totally non toxic, etc.


Who was your favorite dog there? Who was your favorite person there?
Dustin: Choosing a favorite dog or favorite person at an event like this is difficult. I guess my favorite dog was the one that was made to look like it had antlers. A favorite person is even more difficult as many of the people in attendance were just so nice and enthusiastic about their work. In terms of their looks, I did enjoy the groomer who transformed her dog into a Peter and the Wolf amalgamation. She (the groomer) had a fake beard. 


Audrey, you are wearing all your own clothing from ALR. Tell us specifically about the clothes you are wearing in the pics.  
Audrey: I’m wearing the turmeric yellow USA cotton jumpsuit, indigo USA cotton jumpsuit, the turmeric big silk blouse and boxers, the turmeric USA cotton sweats, turmeric organic USA cotton socks, indigo big silk shirt, indigo sweatshirt and T-shirt. So basically the entire SS18 collection is being represented.

What are poodles like generally? Describe their characteristics as a breed. 
Dustin: I don’t know much about poodles aside from what I’ve learned from my limited interactions with my cousin’s two older ones. They seem intelligent yet easy to fool (like a lot of dogs), as well as territorial. It could’ve been just how those two were raised.

Tell me about the people behind the dogs. Who was your favorite and what was their name?
Audrey: Sonny, who was Peter and the Wolf, was amazing!

What theme would you choose if you had to enter the competition? 
Dustin: I’d do a Pimp My Ride themed dog…put some subwoofers around the tail and do a terrible Xzibit impersonation.

Audrey: Mostly Disney cartoons were represented, so in this spirit I think I might go for an Aladdin theme? The magic carpet would work for the set and the genie, monkey, prince and princess would be on the dog.




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