The language barrier is tricky but I think it is safe to say that Arnaud, the guy behind @scientologie, is as complex and cryptic as his feed. Find out why he posts in threes and how he got his absurd sense of humor.

What is your name and where do you reside?
My name is Arnaud and I live in Bordeaux, France.

Explain your handle - are you a scientologist?
I think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I also think John Travolta. I'm an actor of their stories by being one of the subjects of their kingdom. I am the storyteller of modern history recorded in real time.

Some public figures have managed to become our "idols", "models" and "ambitions." They attract our attention through the glossies, the small and big screens or other media platforms that highlight them. An almost divine light comes to draw their outlines. They are the representation of the codes of a "superficial society”. Their profiles are drawn by some dark architects’ best kept secret.

* No, I am not a follower of Scientology, I am a writer. I’m thinking about humanity and its desire for immortality…Forthcoming: "DESAPPARAT"

What is the last thing you googled?
Ouigo.com - Travel Search -
Departure station: Paris Montparnasse
Arrival station: Caussade - Tarn and Garonne
Date: 21/04/2018
Schedule: Indifferent

What is the last thing you ate?
Pho soup at the restaurant "Tin-Tin" in Paris, in the Belleville district. It was 14h and the soup was bland.

What do you do for work? Are you in school?
I stopped my letters-modern school a few years before graduation. I work from Bordeaux with associations in the field of Culture and Arts. Here I am the link between artists, many of whom are among my friends and I receive project proposals from various organizations having to do with painting; video ; skateboarding; the music (and others). The free time I have I spend on my favorite occupation, the "writing-of invention.” Contact me for any project and I’ll be your ghost-writer!

How did you acquire your sense of humor?
My sense of humor…can it be placed in the ranks of the "absurd humor"? Yes! It is, for example, the authors of the "circle of pataphysics". I think it occurred to me when I had to watch the world with my eyes as a young adult. I thought this would be on my 18th birthday, but it was, in fact, nothing like I had imagined! I left my parents and our house like a bird out of a cage...I finally have come to my nest. Faced with the hardness of the newly discovered life, I had to take a stance and a glance. The world is absurd. I will forever be the master of my own.

Do you always post in threes?
First, I post the images. I select three, because algorithmic pace allows me to create multiple that will together equal a total of 666 positions. The account "Scientology" originally contained 666 images in all positions; white. I then do the jobs of three first images of three figures "in their own juice.” The total posts then had risen to 669. By removing three of my previous posts, the total workforce is back to equaling 666. The last three positions were just white images that were removed. I now remove images that have already been posted, views, sometimes even commented ... To make room for new images representing them, my inspiration.

I chose the 666 as it has for us a special meaning, known or not known, but filled with a significant meaning. The interpretation of things in the world is free.

The other reason I chose to post the images 3 is that it is it purely aesthetic. I realized that the grid, the array automatically created by the platform uses a linear geometry and is most readable as such. I now ty to play in my posts "x3" concordances: The themes, colors, tones. This is his "Directorate-Artistic". So when you scroll on the account page "Scientology" one can quickly realize the processes in place and then let stand for smooth playback. And no dummy.

What is your favorite feed on Instagram?
I do not really like to go "ig" because for me it is a waste of time to do so, and also ... Because I wear aluminum foil as a cap. I'm pretty scared to see that the suggestions made to me with respect to my "preferences" correspond with a desire identified by their masked espionage sentence.

I have selected some accounts that I frequently attend because their proposals I like. For example: @ffrankcadillac  @buh___bye  @view.from.a.window  @444tuna

Apart from that, I like to go out into the real world and get away from the "virtual"; As to understand Plato and the allegory of the cave.

Go to @scientologie on Instagram and after we will see each other outside.


Images courtesy of ARNAUD


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